The DWELL competition

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The DWELL competition was held on the topic of designing a residential complex with the ability to grow with its inhabitants in Senegal.
The goal of the competition is to design a modular residential complex with the ability to expand in the future, based on the identity of the region and compatible with the local architecture of the region. This plan should help to promote local communication and increase the level of environmental and social health.
team members: Azadeh Hosseini, Mohadeseh Kazemian, Ronak Nejadabdolhoseiny
Finally, in the third sustainable architecture design workshop under the supervision of respected professors Dr. Seyed Abdolhadi Daneshpour and Dr. Haniyeh Sanaieian, The team won first place in the competition.
Social sustainability and achieving sociable spaces and a complex compatible with the texture and identity of the region have been one of the design goals.
This residential complex is considered as an urban context and its concept is a coherent and modular network that combines public and private spaces, open and semi-open spaces. In this design, the roofs of the units have played the role of communication spaces on the upper floor, and in some units, the roofs have become more private collective spaces, which has led to the maximum and optimal use of all spaces.
Despite the need for collective spaces, which is based on the cultural background of this region, public spaces are being destroyed and there is very little space for gathering; Although the area of the site compared to a large number of units is limited, it has been tried to meet the cultural and social needs and to design spaces that allow the residents to organize it according to their needs for collective activities. also provided the maximum number of the units.

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