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  • Fatehi,Hossein
  • Javid,Seyed ziaoddin farshchi (Emeritus)
  • Mojabi,Seyed mahdi (Emeritus)


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:: Rahbar,Morteza ::
 | Post date: 2019/12/29 | 
Personal Details
Surname: Rahbar                   
Name:     Morteza                             
Date of birth: 1984-09-14                  
E-mail:     rahbarmiust.ac.ir
Present Position:  Assistant Professor of Computational Design & Digital Fabrication
Department:  Architecture
Tel: +921-…                                     E_mail:   rahbarmiust.ac.ir

Education and Qualifications
  1. University Degrees
    Visting Scholar, CAAD chair, ITA, ETH Zurich. 2017-2018
    Doctor of Philosophy(PhD) in Digital Architecture, Tarbiat Modares University, 2014-2019
  2. Thesis Title: A novel generative algorithm of architectural layout design (Based on hybrid cGAN algorithm & agent-based modelling)
    Master of Science in Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Development, 2006-2009
    Bachelor of Science in Architecture, School of Art & Architecture, 2002-2006
  3. Sellected Short Course Certificates
    “Audi Terminal Intensive Training”, held by the Audi AG, Ingolstadt (Germany), September 2016
    Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Environmental Design, Iran University of Science and Technology, Since September 2019
    Teaching Experiences
    Computational Design & Digital Fabrication (postgraduate courses in School of Architecture & Environmental Design, Iran University of Science and Technology; Department of Architectural Technology)
    Building Information Modeling (undergraduate courses in School of Architecture & Environmental Design, Iran University of Science and Technology; Department of Architecture)
    Research Studio (postgraduate courses in School of Architecture & Environmental Design, Iran University of Science and Technology; Department of Architectural Technology)
    Selected Written Works
    “Generating Synthetic Space Allocation Probability Layouts Based on Trained Conditional-GANs”, Applied Artificial Intelligence, 2019
    "Isfahan’s Organic and Planned Form of Urban Greenways in Safavid Period" International Journal of Architecture and Urban Development 6.1 (2016)
    "Tehran Urban Development Planning with a Landscape Ecology Approach (Case Study: Municipal District 22, Tehran)", Journal of Landscape Studies 3 (2010), pp. 65-73
    “Generating Synthetic Layouts with AI model”, Armanshahr Journal of Architecture, Urban Design & Urban Planning, 2019 (accepted)
    “Predicting environmental sustainable parameters based on trained ANN model”, Journal of Sustainable City, 2019 (accepted)
    “DublinCity: Annotated LiDAR Point Cloud and its Applications”, BMVC 2019
    “Application of Artificial Intelligence in Architectural Generative Design”, eCAADe 2018
    "Greenway Planning for Tehran Metropolis" 5th Fábos Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning. 2016
    "Greenway Planning in the High Populated Cities (Case Study: Tehran's Greenway Structure)", Harmony and Prosperity, Traditional Inheritance and Sustainable Development, Proceedings of 47th IFLA World Congress 2010, Suzhou, China
    "Tehran Riverfronts Rehabilitation (Case study: Kan River)", Green Culture in the City, Proceedings of IFLA APR Congress 2009, Incheon, S. Korea, pp. 214-221.
    “Human Territories in Urban Landscape”, Manzar, the professional Journal of Art, Environment, Landscape, City and Architetcure, No.1, 2009
    “Parametricism Style in Digital Age’s Architecture”, Mohammadreza Bemanina, Morteza Rahbar, Negah Publication, 2018
    Conference Attendance
    eCAADe, Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe, (as a workshop instructor and lecturer), Lodz, Poland, 2018
    IFLA APR, International Federation of Landscape Architects Asia Pacific Region, (paper presentation and lecturer), Incheon, S. Korea, 2009
    Research Projects
    - Research team member, “Dynamic Facade”, implemented by Mechatronics Lab, IUST, 2013-2014
    - Research team leader, “Aseman Mixed-Used Feasibility Study”, implemented by Golstan Business Group (GBG), Architecture Department, 2013-2014
    “Honor Award of USITT International Student Design Competition on Ideal Theatre”, Member of Aura Team, issued by United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USIIT), Cincinnati, USA, 2009.
    “1st place - Mobin 5 Star Hotel Façade Design Competition”, issued by Abadgaran Margoon & Tadbir Tooseh Company, Karbala, Iraq, 2016.
    “2nd place – Barin Ski Resort”, Member of RYRA Design Studio, National Architecture Competition of Completed Buildings, issued by Memar Magazine, Shemshak, Iranm 2011.
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