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 Dean’s Message

Welcome to the website of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Allotting your precious time for checking out our website is really appreciable. I hope the efforts of our colleagues in designing and maintaining this site are worthwhile and that you find this site informative and helpful.

  The School aims to partner in the development of scientific and collegiate system in national and international domains, working for the development of higher education with outstanding quality, imparting theoretical and scientific knowledge to students in different spheres and on various levels and providing professional, skillful and responsible human resource.

  By increasing the necessary investment and further development of education and basic research, we hope to be able to provide a novel scientific platform with collective efforts of talented and interested students and rear a desirable scientific-cultural environment with a targeted plan. We are sure these steps will result in the further development of science and technology and the training of experts and dedicated professionals.

  I appreciate the continuous efforts and assistance of my colleagues, respected professors and honorable staff who have strived to provide for the proper environment for the nurturing of the potential of youngsters of this nation.

I am also grateful to the former heads of the School who played a vital role in its founding and to the esteemed people who have helped in the growth of the School in recent years.






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