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 Shahrokh Shahhosseini

 Simulation of a CO2 and NH3 absorption tower

 Seyyed Nezamedin Ashrafiadeh

 Characterization and analysis of the water-crude oil interface

 Toraj Mohammadi

 Manufacture and analysis of a ceramic membrane

 Fereshteh Naeimpour

 Polluted earths environmental remediation using a suspended phase

 Soosan Roshanzamir

 Nafion membrane modification using hydrophilic metallic nano-oxides

 Farzaneh Feyzi

 Modification of cubic equations of state in the critical region using the crossover method

 Mohammad Taghi Sadeghi

 Mathematical modeling of enhanced oil recovery from oilfields

 Tahereh Rastegar

 Application of biofuels as substitute for fuels in cars- study of advantages and disadvantages of their mass production in Iran

 Mohammad Reza Moghbeli

 Manufacture of styrene/ Butyl acrylate/ Nano-clay Co-polymeric nanocomposite layers using emulsion polymerization

 Mohammad Reza Dehghani

 Study of appropriate and applicable methods for BTEX purging elimination in natural gas dehydration units

 Matin Parvari

 Study on the effects of the support on the performance of the Co-Mo hydrocarbon desulfurization process

 Seyyed Mehdi Alavi Amlashi

 Kinetic modeling of the Fischer – Tropsch conversion reactions on an Fe-Cu catalyst in a fixed-bed reactor

 Bahman Behzadi

 Study on novel methods for exergy analysis in processes with complex species

 Ali Allahverdi

 Study on the experimental method for FTIR spectroscopy and its application in identification and analysis of components present in cement

 Nurollah Kasiri Bidhendi

 Analysis of the effect of the slope of the operating line on liquid holdup

 Seyyed Hasan Hashemabadi

 CFD simulation of hydrocyclones for the separation of oil/water mixtures

 Mansour Shirvani

 Experimental mechanism identification for the bursting jet and study of its effects on dust cyclones efficiency

 Mohammad Hasan Khanof

 Design of a wind-sail turbine

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