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Sh. Mohammad-Nejad, M. Pourmahyabadi, A. Lajevardizadeh,
Volume 2, Issue 3 (October 2006)

In this paper, the performance of a Ring Laser Gyro based inertial navigation is investigated. Dynamic and stochastic modeling are applied to gyro simulation and performance evaluation. In the dynamic model, some parameters such as scale factor and environmental sensitivity have been determined, whereas in the stochastic model, the other parameters such as random drift and measurement noise have been computed. The performance of the system is evaluated for several inputs. Also, the parameter variation of output noise as a result of changing the dither characteristics is analyzed.
S. Olyaee, Sh. Mohammad-Nejad,
Volume 3, Issue 3 (October 2007)

A new heterodyne nano-displacement with error reduction is presented. The main errors affecting the displacement accuracy of the nano-displacement measurement system including intermodulation distortion error, cross-talk error, cross-polarization error and phase detection error are calculated. In the designed system, a He-Ne laser having three-longitudinal-mode is considered as the stabilized source. The free spectral range of the 35cm laser cavity is about 435-MHz at 632.8-nm wavelength, which a secondary beat frequency equal to 300-kHz is produced by combining the reference and measurement beams. The resolution of the displacement measurement resulting from intermodulation distortion, cross-talk and cross-polarization errors is limited to 18-pm. Also, the phase detection uncertainty causes an error of only 5.9-pm in the displacement measurement. Furthermore, frequency-path models of two- and three-longitudinal-mode laser interferometers are modeled as the ac interference, ac reference, dc interference and optical power terms. A comparison study between two- and three-longitudinal-mode laser interferometers confirms that the performance of the designed system is considerably improved.

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