Iran University of Science and Technology is committed to producing and distributing the very best scholarly contributions in the areas of engineering and
technology, and expanding its capacities in education, research, and technology.
  • About Iran University of Science & Technology


    Iran University of Science and Technology is one of the top three universities in the country. It possesses 13 schools, 12 research centers, 2 institutes, and 9 centers of excellence.

  • Visit by the Supreme Leader


    “A university must provide an intellectual atmosphere, which encompasses two crucial areas: science and research; and idealism in political and social targeting.”—Quotations by H.E. the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Iran University of Science and Technology, Dec. 14, 2008.

  • Space Research Center


    Proficient Iranian expert researchers of the Space Research Center at IUST have designed and manufactured all parts and infra-systems of two national satellites, Navid and Zafar.

  • The Neural Engineering Laboratory


    Researchers at the Neural Engineering Laboratory at Iran University of Science and Technology have for the first time been able to return a paralyzed animal's movement ability via the use of a microprocessor chip and its connection to nerve cells in the spinal cord. This method is an innovative approach for curing patients with SCI.

  • Advanced High Speed Rail Systems


    Iran University of Science and Technology is proud to have advanced its research in the design and build of the nation’s Advanced High Speed Rail Systems. IUST’s schools of Civil Engineering, Railway Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials and Metallurgy, and Industrial Engineering have had significant roles in the execution of this national project.

  • Cyber Security


    Iran University of Science and Technology’s accredited professors have had major accomplishments in the country’s cyber security, aimed at protecting the country’s cyber borders and technology centers.

  • Passenger Jet Airplane


    In line with advancing the design and build of airplane jets, IUST took part in the mega-project for manufacturing the 150-passenger aircraft.

  • The Afagh Research Center


    The SAR laboratory, part of the Afagh Research Center at Iran University of Science and Technology is currently the main center of many standardized testing for electromagnetic health, specifically the effects of devices on the brain. This laboratory is growing rapidly throughout Asia.

  • The National B Class Automotive Platform Design


    Iran University of Science and Technology is proud to be one of the leading pioneers in the design of the national B Class automotive platform project, in line with uniting the university consortium and the automotive industry to localize the vehicle platform design in Iran.

  • The Photonic and Optoelectronic Laboratory at IUST


    The Photonic and Optoelectronic laboratory at the physics department of IUST has undergone many researches in the areas of designing, manufacturing, and testing optoelectronic systems, including optical telecommunications and adaptive optics. The IUST Photonic and Optoelectronic laboratory is crucial to the establishment of Iran’s technological, industrial, and military systems.

  • School of Chemical Engineering


    School of Chemical Engineering of IUST began its activities as Iran's first chemical engineering school with its first graduate in 1935. Over the past many decades, in addition to playing a key role in Iran's scientific and industrial developments it has been a national reference with its new innovations in scientific activities.

  • Navid Satellite launched successfully into space


    February third, 2012, marks the date Navide-Elm-va-Sanat Satellite launced successfully into orbit by the command of President Ahmadinejad.

  • Central Library


    In addition to 19 specialized libraries, the IUST Central Library is equipped with a large collection of study and research facilities, including a full open repository, a computer site, reference sections, and a study hall, all located in a 2000 square meter space.

  • Complex for General Sciences Classrooms


    Located north of the university, the complex for general sciences was inaugurated by the Minister of Science, Research and Technology in September 2010, week of the National Government. The complex is a seven-story building with an area of 11535 square meters.

  • Iran Neural Technology Center


    Researchers in Iran Neural Technology Center invented a neural technology that enables people with spinal cord disabilities to stand and walk. The picture shows a patient with level T7 spinal cord injury standing and walking after 12 years.

  • School of Architecture and Environmental Design


    The School of Architecture and Environmental Design, established in 1968, is comprised of four educational departments: Architecture, Urban Design, Building and Urban Conservation and Renovation, and Industrial Design. The School has 5 specialized workshops. It admits students at both undergraduate (B.A.) and postgraduate (M.A. & Ph.D.)levels.

  • IUST Museum


    IUST Museum, a symbol of endeavors and experiences, exhibits inventions, innovations and commercialized industrial projects of IUST.

  • Department of Physical Training


    The Department of Physical Training provides the following facilities: a 20 thousand spectator stadium, including a football and a track field, a water sports complex entitled Motevaselian, an artificial lawn, gymnasiums for body building and wrestling, ping pong tables, a gymnasium named after Martyr Malekloo, a Hijab gymnasium, and a Laleh gymnasium suitable for volleyball, soccer, basketball, badminton, rock climbing, handball, body building, and darts.

  • School of Civil Engineering


    The School of Civil Engineering at IUST stands among the best schools of civil engineering in the country. With its 5 research centers and 3 centers of excellence in the fields of structure engineering, transportation engineering, and hydro-informatics, the school is also publisher of the “International Journal of Civil Engineering,” a unique quarterly English journal.

  • University Campus


    Enjoying a very beautiful environment, the main campus of the university gathers widespread educational and research facilities such as: libraries, research centers, industrial workshops, equipped and professional laboratories, publication center, information technology center, education center,……