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H. Ashouri,
Volume 5, Issue 4 (12-2015)

Loading conditions and complex geometry have led the cylinder heads to become the most challenging parts of diesel engines. One of the most important durability problems in diesel engines is due to the cracks valves bridge area. The purpose of this study is a thermo-mechanical analysis of cylinder heads of diesel engines using a two-layer viscoplasticity model. In this article, mechanical properties of A356.0 alloy, obtained by tensile tests at 25 and 200°C. The results of the thermo-mechanical analysis indicated that the maximum temperature and stress occurred in the valves bridge. The results of the finite element analysis of cylinder heads correspond with the simulation results, carried out by researchers.

Hojjat Ashouri,
Volume 11, Issue 2 (6-2021)

This paper presents low cycle fatigue (LCF) life prediction of an engine exhaust manifold. First Solidworks software was used to model the exhaust manifolds. Then Ansys Workbench software was used to determine stress and fatigue life based on Morrow and Smith-Watson-Topper (SWT) approaches. Thermal fatigue (TMF) of the engine components easily happens due to excessive temperature gradient and thermal stress. Modern exhaust systems must withstand severe cyclic mechanical and thermal loads throughout the whole life cycle. The numerical results showed that the temperature and thermal stresses have the most critical values at the confluence region of the exhaust manifolds. This area was under low cycle fatigue. After several cycles the fatigue cracks will appear in this region. The results of the finite element analysis (FEA) correspond with the experimental tests, carried out in references, and illustrate the exhaust manifolds cracked in this region. Finite element (FE) simulation proved a close correlation between Morrow and SWT criterions results. The lifetime of this part can be determined through finite element analysis instead of experimental tests.

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