Dr sohrabi

Dr. Beheshteh Sohrabi

tel: +(98) - 21- 77240540-2759

Email:sohrabi_b AT iust.ac.ir


Associate Professor of physical chemistry Iran science and technology University

Address: Facultty of Chemistry, Iran University of Science and Technology, P.O. Box 16765- 163, Tehran, Iran.

Education and Degrees:

1990: B.A. Alzahra University

1996: M.Sc.(Tarbiat Moallem University ) Thesis title: "Determination of the structural parameters by spectral moment method". (Supervisor: Dr. Reza Islampour)

2004:Ph. D. (TMU). Thesis title: “The study of phase diagrams of ionic surfactants in aqueous solutions ". (Supervisor: Dr. Hussein Gharibi,)


2004-2006: Postdoctoral Research. Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences

Some cources:

1. Chemical Kinetics (Booshehr, Persian Khalij University)

2. Physical Chemistry 1 and 2(Tehran, Shahid Rajaee University)

3. Quantum 1 and 2 (Tehran, Shahid Rajaee University and Alzahra university)

4. Molecular Spectroscopy (Booshehr, Persian Khalij University)

5. New discussions in physical chemistry (Tehran,Iran Science and Technology University)

6. Laboratories of Physical chemistry 1 and 2 (Tehran, Shahid Rajaee University)

Present Research Work:

1. Study of nano structure and physical-chemical properties of self assembled of mixed surfactants, interaction of macromolecules (proteins and polymers) and surfactants , adsorption in of surfactants in liquid and air mixture and dye-surfactant interaction.

2. Computational chemistry


Journal papers

Conference papers 


- Select of Superior papers by Elsevier

1-Javadian, S.; Gharibi, H.; Sohrabi, B.; Bijanzadeh, H.; Safarpour, M.A.; Behjatmanesh – Ardakani,R. "Determination of the physico – chemical parameters and aggregation number of surfactant in micelles in binary alcohol" Journal of Molecular Liquids , Volume 137, lssue 1-3,January 2008, Pages 74-79. 

 2- Hashemianzadeh, S.M.; Gharibi, H.; Mousavi-Khoshdel, S .M.; Sohrabi,B.; Safarpour, M.A. "Lattice Monte Carlo simulation of dilute ionic surfactants" , Journal of Molecular Liquids , Volume 138, lssue 1-3,February 2008, Pages 147-154.

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