Dr. Khavandi

Personal Details


NAME: Alireza

SURNAME: Khavandi

ACCADEMIC STATUS: Associate Professor in IUST 

Fields of Research Interests:

Biomaterials, Polymers, Advanced Materials, Composites.


Contact Address

School of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering

Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Narmak, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +9821-7724540-550 , Ext: 2812

Fax: +9821-77240480

E-mail khavandi@iust.ac.ir


A. Montazeri. A. Khavandi, J.Javadpour, A. Tcharkhtchi, "Viscoelastic properties of multi-walled carbon nanotube/epoxy composites at the different nanotube content", J. of Nano Research, 2011
A. Montazeri, A. Khavandi, J. Javadpour, A. Tcharkhtchi, "Viscoelastic properties of multi walled carbon nanotube/epoxy composites using two different curing cycles",  Materials and Design, 2010
A. Montazeri, J. Javdpour, A. Khavandi, A. Tcharkhtchi, A. Mohajeri, "Mechanical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotube/epoxy composites", Materials and Design, 2010
H. Sharifi, M. Divandari, A. Khavandi, M. H. Edris, "Effect of Al powder and silica sol on the structure and mechanical properties of Al2O3-ZrO2 foams", Acta Metallurgica Sinica, 2010

S. Mollazadeh, J. Javadpour, A. R. Khavandi, “Biomimetic synthesis and mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite / poly (vinil alcohol) nanocomposites”, Advances in applied ceramics, 2007

S. Mollazadeh, J. Javadpour, A. Khavandi, “In situ synthesis and characterization of nano-size hydroxypatite in poly matrix”, Ceramics int., 2006

R. Shahbazi, J. Javadpour, A. R. Khavandi, “Effect of nanosized reinforcement particles on mechanical properties of high density polyethylene-hydroxy apitite composites”, Advances in applied ceramics, No. 5, 2006

S. Sh. Homaiegohar, A. Yari Sadi, J. Javadpour, A. Khavandi, “The effect of reinforcement volume fraction and particle size on the mechanical properties of b -tricalcium phosphate-high density polyethylene composites ”, J. of the Eur. Cer. Soc., No. 26, pp. 273-278, 2006

A. Yari Sadi, M. A. Shokrgozar, S. Sh. Homaiegohar, M. Hosseinalipour, A. Khavandi, J. Javadpour, “The effect of partially stabilized Zirconia on the biological properties of HA/HDPE composites in vitro”, J of materials Sci., 2006

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  S. Mollazadeh, J. Javadpour, A. R. Khavandi, “Mechanical properties of In-situ processed hydroxyapatite / polyvinyl/ alchohol nanocomposites”, First int. cong. on nanoscience, 2006.

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