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:: Introduction to Bio-Materials Group ::

Supervisor: Prof. Sh. Mirdamadi

Members: Prof. Javadpour, Prof. Marghusian, Dr. Khavandi, Dr. Hoseinalipour, Dr. Rezaie, Dr. Tamizifar

Typical projects:

  • Optimization of tensile, wear and impact properties of amalgam atomized powder
  • Fabrication and mechanical properties of PMC used in dentistry in replacement with metal-based amalgam
  • Effects of Nb and V on microstructure, micro hardness and biocompatibility titanium implants

Representative publications:

  • P. Alizadeh, V.K. Marghussian, Mechanical properties and bioactive characteristics of Glass-Ceramics,American Ceramic Society Bulletin, vol. 81, No. 3,

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