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M. Jafari Vardanjani, M. Izadi, H. Varesi,
Volume 11, Issue 4 (11-2021)

Optimization of public space energy consumption can basically improve the savings and the ratio of energy consumption and resources entirely. In this regard any methodology and system to shorten the redundant use of energy in different spots of the public space and to distribute energy based on significance of each zone will contribute in the task. This study has sought to develop a prototype of a multi-function smart system to monitor and control the use of energy in a space in terms of temperature, brightness and ventilation based on the significance of each zone according to the traffic calculated during time periods. Although in the current prototype there has not yet been photovoltaics embedded in the device, it has been accounted for in software section.
The monitoring system performs to monitor and store temperature, light intensity, CO2 concentration, and traffic at each zone while control system acts based on the zone significance and mechanism used in each energy consuming device including heaters, coolers, lights, etc. Findings on pilot scale shows that optimization of energy usage by such a system can drastically reduce space energy consumption while the optimal configuration of the multi-function system depends on the space conditions. Space conditions include climatic, area, etc. Although zero-energy building require further researches to be realized and utilized, this system can be perceived as first steps toward this goal.

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