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M. Shahrouzi, A. Meshkat-Dini , A. Azizi,
Volume 5, Issue 2 (3-2015)

Practical design of tall frame-tube and diagrids are formulated as two discrete optimization problems searching for minimal weight undercodified constraints under gravitational and wind loading due to Iranian codes of practice for steel structures (Part 6 & Part 10). Particular encoding of design vector is proposed to efficiently handle both problems leading to minimal search space. Two types of modeling are employed for the sizing problem one by rigid floors without rotational degrees of freedom and the other with both translational and rotational degrees of freedom. The optimal layout of diagrids using rigid model is searched as the second problem. Then performance of Mine Blast Optimization as a recent meta-heuristic is evaluated in these problems treating a number of three-dimensional structural models via comparative study with the common Harmony Search and Particle Swarm Optimization. Considerable benefit in material cost minimization is obtained by these algorithms using tuned parameters. Consequently, effectiveness of HS is observed less than the other two while MBO has shown considerable convergence rate and particle swarm optimiztion is found more trustable in global search of the second problem.
M. Hajiazizi, F. Heydari, M. Shahlaei,
Volume 7, Issue 4 (10-2017)

In this paper the factor of safety (FS) and critical line-segments slip surface obtained by the Alternating Variable Local Gradient (AVLG) optimization method was presented as a new topic in 2D. Results revealed that the percentage of reduction in the FS obtained by switching from a circular shape to line segments was higher with the AVLG method than other methods. The 2D-AVLG optimization method is a new topic for finding critical line-segments slip surface which has been addressed in this paper. In fact, the line-segments slip surface is a flexible slip surface. Examples proves the efficiency and precision of the 2D-AVLG method for obtaining the line-segments critical slip surface compared to the circular and circular-line slip surfaces.

M. Shahrouzi, A. Azizi,
Volume 12, Issue 1 (1-2022)

The present work reveals a problem formulation to minimize material consumption and improve efficiency of diagrids to resist equivalent wind loading. The integrated formulation includes not only sizing of structural members but also variation in geometry and topology of such a system. Particular encoding technique is offered to handle practical variation of diagrid modules. A variant of Pseudo-random Directional Search is utilized to solve this problem treating a number of three dimensional structural models. Several issues are investigated including the effect of variation in the building height, its aspect ratio and fixing or releasing diagrid angles. Consequently, especial trend of variation in diagrid angle is observed with superior structural responses with respect to sizing designs of the fixed-angle modules.

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