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Mr. Noghrekar speech in the Expediency Discernment Council

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The fields of architecture and urban planning and design are playing important roles in policy making and the supreme leader has had recommendations in these regards. Ministry of science has also asked the credible universities to make adjustments to their curriculums based on the Iranian-Islamic viewpoint in undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels. What follows is a summary of efforts taken by the University of Science and Technology regarding this matter: 1) Research project called “An Introduction to Islamic Identity in Architecture and Urban Planning and Design”, which has been published as a book by the Ministry of Road and Urban Development, 2) Research project called “Feasibility of Islamic-Iranian Architecture” which is currently being carried out in association with the Ministry of Road and Urban Development and specially focuses on application of Islamic-Iranian Architecture in new towns, 3)Publication of books: “Theoretical Foundations of Architecture” and “Man, Nature, Architecture”, 4) Theory of “Relation of Islamic School of Thought with Art Philosophy and Architecture” which studies the interactions of man and spatial and geometrical ideas in architecture. Architecture basically deals with geometrical ideas that constitutes the main body of architecture along with symbols and Spatial and geometrical ideas and corresponding understanding tools in man (such as five senses, brain, heat and etc) have been studied in this theory and scientific committee of theorization in High Council of Cultural Revolution has reviewed and approved the theory Since architecture and urban planning and design are affected by time and location, there are a lot of uncertainties concerning the integration of Islam into them. How can we deal with innovation and the issues of environment and location, using unchanging criteria? In answering this question, some revert to descriptive and imitative methods focused on the physical dimension and others value creativity and approve of the current view in western societies in epistemology and anthropology.
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