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“Dr.Mohammad Fathian”
Member of System Engineering Department, Faculty of Industrial Engineering
Email : fathian AT
Telephone number : 7322-5048
Address : Tehran-Narmak district-University Of Science and Technology Of Iran-faculty of Industrial Engineering-Postcode 16846
Scientific biography
The holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the result of the efforts of the noble nation of Iran and the martyrs who raised such a sapling with their enormous Islamic ideals. Today, it is necessary to continue this great and valuable effort and reach our destination by following the wise guidance of the leader of the Islamic Revolution. The School of Industrial Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology, as one of the best and oldest Schools of industrial engineering nationwide, is trying to play its part in this direction in a desirable way. In this regard, and with the important goal of training and growing knowledge-based human beings, technologists and entrepreneurs in the field of industrial engineering, the important missions of the School are:
  • Expanding the frontiers of knowledge, producing indigenous knowledge and developing research activities, with an emphasis on applicability.
  •  Training specialized human resources who are committed, creative, entrepreneur, faithful, responsible, educated, committed to continuous and effective learning in national macro programs in the field of industrial engineering.
  • Developing an exhilarant and efficient environment for the formation and development of creative and innovative theories and ideas.
  • Upgrading and developing the level of education with a focus on the needs of country and emerging topics in industrial engineering.
  • Playing an effective role in promoting cultural values ​​of society and creating a new Islamic civilization, in accordance with the education system of the country and the high values ​​of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Effective communication with school graduates aimed at establishing a stable relationship with the industry.
  • Playing an effective role in entrepreneurship and commercialization of ideas and development of advanced technologies that the country needs.
We hope that with the help of all headmasters, colleagues, students and graduates of the School, we will be able to witness the best implementation of these missions and the growing development of our beloved country.
 Dr.Mohammad Fathian
Dean, School of Industrial Engineering
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