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Industrial Engineering –Systems Optimization

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"Industrial Engineering – Systems Optimization"
  Master of Industrial Engineering –Systems Optimization is a training and research complex with emphasis on advanced training in industrial engineering and analysis of industrial systems. It aims at training professionals equipped with engineering knowledge through the specialized modules passed in this program, who will be highly skilled to design, implement, monitor and evaluate complex systems consisting of humans, materials and machines.
Graduate skills
Graduates will be equipped with tools needed by a senior expert to:
  • Identify the problems of ministries, headquarters organizations and industrial systems,
  • Find a logical relationship between various components of production and non-production systems,
  • Plan and model systems with most efficient outcomes,
  • Control systems to track defects and provide the desired model to resolve them,
  • Plan and implement industrial research projects,
  • Design large-scale national industrial projects.
Taught modules of MSc in Industrial Engineering – Systems Optimization include (Students must take those compensatory modules that the Department ask them to):
Program contents
Course Credits
Compulsory core courses 12
Especialized elective courses 12
Research components 8
Total 32
Compensatory courses are those addressing a student's lack of knowledge or skills pre-required for the program. If the students have not already passed some core courses of BSc of Industrial Engineering as approved by the National Cultural Revolution Council, they must take them as compensatory modules prior to commencing the main course. The Educational Council of the School of Industrial Engineering decides about the number (if any) of compensatory courses a student must take.
List of compulsory courses
Course Credits
Students must take all the following three courses
Industrial systems design 3
Stochastic processes 3
Design of experiments 3
Students must choose at least one of the following courses     
Nonlinear programming 3
Integer programming 3
Dynamic programming 3
List of especialized elective courses
Course Credits
Metaheuristic algorithms 3
Operation sequence theory 3
Reliability theory and applications 3
Human reliability 3
Design of automatic production systems 3
Troubleshooting in production and service systems 3
Designing and producing by computer 3
Time series analysis and forecasting 3
Multivariate analysis 3
Nonlinear programming 3
Integer programming 3
Principle of logistic engineering and supply chain 3
Dynamic programming 3
Advanced production planning 3
Networks modelling 3
Transportation Planning 3
Decision making models and techniques 3
Fuzzy theory and its applications 3
Multiple criteria decision making 3
Game theory 3
Networks analysis 3
Cost engineering 3
Principles of financial engineering 3
Financial risk analysis and management 3
A course from other Industrial Engineering majors 3
Selected topics in Industrial Engineering 3
Research components
Course Credits
Research methods 2
Thesis 6
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