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  • Formation of statical basis for efficient force method by ant colony optimization (A. Kaveh, M. Daei) 
  • A General Theorem for Adjacency Matrices of Graph Products and Application in Graph Partitioning for Parallel Computing (A. Kaveh, B. Alinejad)
  • Symmetric Space Frames by Factorization of Their Graph Models
  • Weighted Graph Products for Configuration Processing of Planar and Space Structures  
  • Factorization of Product Graphs for Graph Partitioning and Domain Decomposition  
  • Nodal Ordering for Bandwidth Reduction Using Ant System Algorithm  
  • Optimization of Transmission Towers Using Genetic Algorithm 
  • An efficient Hybrid Algorithm Based on Harmony Search, Particle Swarm and Ant Colony Strategies for Optimal Design of Structures 
  • A Particle Swarm Ant Colony Optimization for Truss Structures with Discrete Variables  
  • Non-dominated Archiving Multi-colony Ant Algorithm in Time–Cost Trade-Off Optimization  
  • A Four-Node Quadrilateral Element for Finite Element Analysis Via an Efficient Force Method  
  • Size Optimization of Space Trusses Using Big Bang–Big Crunch Algorithm 
  • Efficient Force Method for the Analysis of Finite Element Models Comprising of Triangular Elements Using Ant Colony Optimization 
  • Efficient Graph-Theoretical Force Method for Two Dimensional Rectangular Finite Element Analysis  
  • Combinatorial Optimization of Special Graphs for Nodal Ordering and Graph Partitioning  
  • Eigensolution of Laplacian Matrices for Graph Partitioning and Domain Decomposition: Approximate Algebraic Method
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