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  In 2009, the CRC was awarded first place by the Ministry of Industries and Mines R&D unit, for their part in the flagship research project entitled "Enhancement of Cement Cast Stone Properties through Utilization of Micro Silica Particles in Autoclaving System", conducted as a joint venture project between Sazansang Salar Company, University of Industries and Mines, and the center. 



  Innovative research outcomes of the center have resulted in a number of patents under the following titles:

  • Cementitious composite wall tile, 2007

  • Decoration of cement and concrete surfaces, 2007

  • Low cost green cement, 2006

  • Composite cement, 2006

  • Fast set and very high early strength cement, 2006

  • Natural pozzolan-based geopolymer cement, 2005

  • Highly acid resistant geopolymer cement based on fly ash, 2003

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