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Research Focus

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  Research Focus

  Research activities of the center are organized in two main groups including academic investigations and industrial research projects. Academic investigations in the form of Ph.D. and M.Sc. theses are mostly concentrated on the following topics:

  1. Special and new cement and concretes including; natural pozzolan-based geopolymer cement, alkali-activated slag cement, solid compound activator and low cost green cements based on supplementary cementing materials, self-compacted concrete, …
  2. Performance and durability of special and new cements including; resistance of alkali-activated slag and low cost green cements against sulfate attack, cycles of freeze-thaw, salt-frost attack, sea water attack, …, and high temperature behavior of self-compacted concrete, …

  Industrial research projects of the center are mainly focused on the technical requirements of the cement industry including; process and energy optimization, environmental aspects, development of Portland blended cements, performance and durability of pozzolan blended Portland cements, ….


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