erc- Research Focus

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  •  Different Physical Quantities Measurement

   Developing & Improving Accurate Tools Systems

    Pure Researches on different related scientific subjects

  •  Designing & Manufacturing Mobile Robots with industrial & military application

    Designing & Manufacturing Megatronic Systems

    Manual Systems alteration to Automatic Systems

  Training & Setting Modern Industrial Control Systems such as DCS , FIELDBUS , PLC

    Designing & Manufacturing industries needed sensors

   Analyzing & Designing industries needed different controllers ( Photo Album )

    Designing & Manufacturing industries needed soft wares

  •  Designing & Manufacturing Official Automation Systems & Project Control

    Growing different Gallium Arsenide layers on wafers in different thicknesses and different impurities

  •  Growing different semi conductor layers including congenial & uncongenial in order to manufacturing different electronic tools such as transistors , diodes , Sensors , Lasers and etc

  • Performing applied researches for improving electronic tools

  •  Designing & Manufacturing different detectors , Lasers , Diodes and transistors

    Researches on Digital , Analog & Complex Mode assembled circuits designing

  •  ATM telecommunications switches designing and multi- purpose particular systems

    Presenting Transistor Modern Models and CAD designing tools

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