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In V-SCAN laboratory, we are focusing on control functions in vehicles. These control attributes are considered by situations and demands of one vehicle and also communication with others. Our goal is to obtain better performance, safety, comfort and energy consumption. Currently, we are working on traffic management and routing of vehicles and also we are working on some intelligent transpiration systems such as cooperative adaptive cruise control.   
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Mohtavipour, S.M., Jafari, H. and Shahhoseini, H.S., 2017, December. A novel design for adaptive cruise control based on extended reference model. In Knowledge-Based Engineering and Innovation (KBEI), 2017 IEEE 4th International Conference on (pp. 0822-0827). IEEE.
Mohtavipour, S.M., Gohari, H.D. and Shahhoseini, H.S., 2015. Improvement of Adaptive Cruise Control Performance by Considering Initialization States. Universal Journal of Control and Automation, 3(3), pp.53-61.
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