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   Director's Message:

  Seyyed - Morteza Musavi Khoshdel (PhD) Iran University of Science and Technology


  1- Secretary of elites council (elites national institute) ,

  2- Director of Knowledge Council aired on the channel 4 national broadcast

  3- Counselor in veterans affairs

  The university consulting center's mission is to assist university members with academic, family, self, and management issues. To overcome these problems, you need knowledge and insight. Professional consultants are available to assist students and staff. Confidentiality and professionalism are key factors in this office. Establishing a consulting center at the university fulfills mankind's desire for peace , health and effectiveness in psycho-biology and social aspects. Quick social-cultural changes, family structure changes, complexity and the spreading of human communication networks, and expansion and variety of information resources are all issues facing society, especially youth and adolescence today.

  The main purpose of the guidance counseling office is to facilitate people's personal and psychological development toward social maturity.

  There are various factors in personal, family, academic, career, marriage, religious and inter personal communications that can cause problems. .

  The consulting center is responsible for 3 basic duties:

  1- Prevent psychological and social problems and illnesses.

  2- Treatment and improvement of psychological problems.

  3- Increase our cognition and knowledge about our talents and capabilities, and ways to develop them.

  We would like to meet you in the consulting center.

  With best regards

  Tel : 77 24 0392 ,77240393, 77240464



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