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Dr. Samim

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Personal Details


NAME: Hamidreza

SURNAME: Samim Banihashemi

ACCADEMIC STATUS: Assistant Professor in IUST 

Fields of Research Interests:

Ceramics, Mineralogy, Crystallography.


Contact Address

School of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering

Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Narmak, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +9821-7724540-550 , Ext: 2852

Fax: +9821-77240480



S. Aslani, H. R. Samim, F. Arianpour, "Benefication of Iranian magnesite ores byeverse flotation process and its effects on shaped and unshapedrefractories properties ",  Bulletin of Materials Science, 2010 


"Benefication of Iranian feldspar for application in the ceramic industry", The 6th International Chemical Engineering Congress & Exhibition (ICHEC 2009)

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