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  School Of Architecture and Environmental Design


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The School of Architecture and Urban Planning was founded in 1968. Blending the aesthetic/artistic considerations with scientific/engineering necessities, the School provides instruction in architecture, urban design, urban and regional planning, industrial design and building and environmental sciences.


  The School has as its aim, the education of a wide range of highly motivated students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. The School also provides many courses at higher levels. The staff of the school has a variety of research interests, which, in addition to architecture and urban design, include fields of study ranging from environmental design and engineering activities to urban and regional planning. Members of the staff are actively engaged in research in environmental design and engineering, building technology and process, architectural and urban history as well as regional and rural planning. Additionally, they are committed to bringing about relevant educational developments.

  The Architecture and Urban Planning School at IUST, which was established in 1969, is one of the most active architectural colleges in the country. The School has been enrolling students in its industrial design major since 1994. With the approval of the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology, IUST has been enrolling students for MSc in the (part time) Industrial Design program since 2009. The college has five technical workshops and an architecture and urban research center. It has 468 B.S students, 231 MSc students, and 49 PhD students. The number of the members on the scientific board is 34 of which 4 are associate professors, 21 are assistants, 9 are instructors (pedagogue) and 3 are helping staff.

  The School boasts a large library and an archive with a variety of books and journals in Persian, English, German and Italian. The archive is located in the library where one is greeted by a large collection of theses, maps and other research material. The School’s computer center provides students with an opportunity to develop and work on their projects. The Architecture Research Center of the School was established in 1997 to facilitate research on Islamic and Iranian architecture and urban studies.

  The educational and research activities of the School within the past four years include but are not limited to:

  • Publication of 82 articles in highly accredited engineering journals at national and international levels.

  • Presentation of 163 conference papers in national and international gatherings.

  • Authorship and translation of 15 titles of books in the fields of Architecture, Urban Planning etc.

  • Reception of 6 patents at international and national levels.

  • 15 Industrial project contracts with various institutions including the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, the Islamic Housing Foundation, the Building and Housing Research Center of Iran and Tehran Municipality.

  • The School has recently established the Iranian Association of Architecture and Urbanism as well.


  • Architecture

  • Urban and Regional Planning

  • Art and Technology

  • Building Conservation

  • Industrial Design

  1969: accepted the first batch of students

  1981: temporarily closed for the Cultural Revolution

  1984: College reopens with the admission of MSc and B.S students for architecture

  1994: admission of students to Industrial Design (B.S)

  1999: admission of students to the previously discontinued Urban Studies/Urban and Regional Planning (MSc)

  2000: admission of students to the previously discontinued Urban Studies/Urban Planning (MSc)

  Rejection of MSc students to Architecture

  PhD enrollments

  2004: admission of students to the previously discontinued Architectural Resistance, Structure and Technological fields (MSc)

  2005: admission of correspondent students

  2006: admission of students to the previously discontinued Buildings and Historical Textures Renovation and revive (MSc)

  2007: admission of students in Cultural and Scientific Architecture (MSc)

  2008: first Ph.D graduate in architecture

  2009: admission of students to the previously discontinued industrial design students (Msc)

  List of the Heads of the School Architecture and Urban Planning from 1979 till now:

  Vaziri Hosein: 1984 – 1986

  Noghrehkar Abdolhamid: 1986 – 1989 and 1997 – 2003

  Nouhi Seyed Hamid: 1989- 1992

  Nouraldin Mostafa: 1992– 1997

  Shia Ismaeel: 2003– 2005

  Mozaffar Farhang: 2005– 2006

  Feyzi Mohsen: 2002-2010

 Noghrehkar Abdolhamid: 2010- 2013

 Ehlasi Ahmad: 2013-2016

 Behzadfar Mostafa: 2016 - present



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