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IUST Branch in Other Cities



   IUST has campuses-twin cities, Arak and Behshahr:

  · Arak

  · Behshahr


 Arak, capital of Markazi province, is 250 km south Tehran. It is home of heavy industries in particular for metal and the industrial machines, like:

  · Machine Sazi Arak (MSA) and AZAR AB factories (for the production of heavy machines such as Boiler S and the Engines chemical S)

  · Wagon Pars (train manufacturing)

  · Iranian Aluminum Company

  · Avangan (for pylons of lines high voltage)

  · HEPCO (heavy machines of construction of road)

  · Petrochemical factories and oil refineries

  · Navard Aluminum Mfg. Group

  · Iran Combine Manufacturing Company

  · Arak Oil Refinery Company

 The IUST branch in Arak started its activity in 1988 as a Technical and Engineering Branch, aiming at the train of skilled manpower for local industries. It was programmed to admit students in 9 disciplines in such fields as Mechanics, Electronics and Materials (Metallurgy), with a capacity of 600 students.

 Behshahr, is a city close to the capital of the province of Mazandaran in Iran. It is approximately a forty-five minute drive from Sari. The name Behshahr literally means Heaven city. It includes many historical sites. It is home to Behshahr Industrial Company which is the biggest producer of vegetable oil in Iran since 1951.

 A major tourism resort is Abbas Abbad which is famous for its greenery and beauty and also its historic significance. In the touristic Abbas Abbad, the forest surrounds a lake with a semi-destroyed castle in the middle. The castle once belonged to the King Abbas.

  The IUST branch in Behshahr was founded in 1996 in the north-western part of the city of Behshahr along the southern coast of the Caspian Sea and the Gulf of Miyankaleh. Currently, 910 students are studying in B.Sc. programs in three fields of study. Regarding the facilities and potentials, the university authorities are planning to develop and introduce new courses so as to diversify its contribution to the development of local research centers. The main library serves the students as well as faculty members with more than 6,600 volumes of books and journals.

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