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Graduate Studies

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Graduate Studies


 Mohammad Moosavi Mirkalaee



 Tel: (+98) 21-73912927

 Fax: (+98) 21-77240488

  E-mail: m_mosavi@iust.ac.ir



  Graduate Studies Office was first established in IUST in 1984 and has progressed a lot since then in developing and strengthening master’s and Ph.D. programs. In 1995, IUST scored first in higher education expansion among 82 universities and academic institutes nationwide. The first doctorate program in material and metallurgy engineering in Iran was initiated by IUST in 1990, the first PhD student of which was graduated in 1995. A great number of Ph.D. courses in other fields of study were also established since then.

 IUST Graduate Education Office is dedicated to:

  · Delivering high quality services to students that meet their academic, leadership and career goals through collaboration with faculty members and other campus schools and departments;

  · Creating dynamic learning and research communities that promote intellectual curiosity, exchange, and debate;

  · Promoting a work environment where staff is valued and respected;

  · Honoring diversity and fostering mutual respect among students, faculty members, and staff by encouraging a culture of understanding, belonging and civility.


 Officer’s information in IUST Departments:





 Ms. Khalili

 Officer of Higher-Education

  (+98) 21-77240439


 Ms. Gholinejad

 Chemistry and chemical engineering Officer

  (+98) 21-73912538


 Ms. Rahimi

 Material Engineering and Mathematics Officer

  (+98) 21-73912544


 Ms. Amini

 Architecture Engineering and Physics Officer

  (+98) 21-73912520


 Ms. Kaboodi

 Automotive Engineering Officer

  (+98) 21-73912512


 Ms. Mirasheh

 Electric Engineering Officer

  (+98) 21-73912535


 Ms. Sadeghi

 Computer Engineering and Railway Engineering Officer

  (+98) 21-73912513


 Ms. Hasani

 Civil Engineering Officer

  (+98) 21-73912511


 Mr. Jamili

 Student Admission, Studying Occupation Testimony

  (+98) 21-73912545


 Mr. Yazdanpanah

 Mechanic Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Language Department Officer

  (+98) 21-73912556


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