Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials & Processing- Composite Materials
Introduction to Composite Materials Group

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Composite Materials

Supervisor: Dr. H.R. Rezaei

Members: Dr Mirhabibi, Prof. Shabestari, Dr Saghafian, Prof. Golestani-Fard, Dr Khavandi, Prof. Javadpour, Prof. Razavizadeh

Typical projects:

  • Effect of fabrication parameters on dimensional variations, hardness and wear of copper-graphite composites
  • Improvement of mechanical properties of polyethylene composite reinforced with sodium tri- phosphate and hydroxilapatite powder
  • An Investigation on the fabrication of WC/Co composites using ignition method
  • Fabrication and study of tensile properties of Aluminum/carbon fiber composites
  • Parametric studies on the mechanical properties of unidirectional glass/epoxy composites used in automobile flat spring


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