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  Student Seminar Supervision

  C) Gradudate School Seminars 

  Exam date




 Mojtaba. Faryadras

 Studying of application of mesoporous materials in adsorption &separation of NOx



 Rohulah. Mahrizi

 Studying of magnetic separation methods by using nanostructures materials in the wastewater treatment system for removal of pollutants


 Hosein Pazuki

 Nanoporous Material’s Application in Adsorption of SOX Investigation of


 Sanaz Khushboie

 Application of magnetic separation in nanoporous sorbents for removal of industrial pullutant


 Roghayeh Dehghan

 Investigation of nanoporous material for removal of heavy metals in wastewater.


 Mohamad Javad Habibi

 Study and evaluation separation methods (such as membrane technology, adsorption and…) for refining of natural gas


 Mohsen Nyzehdar

 Study of new methods for prepration gas sensore


 Mahdi Babaei

 Study of new methods( adsorption, membrane and bio technology) for elimination sulfur compound pollutant of oil, gas and petrochemical industry


 Ali Habibi Davijani

 Review and evalution of fibeous coating for removal environmental pollutions by solid phase microextraction


 Mojgan Haghshenasfar

 Investigation application of nano composites & nano coatings in oil, gas and petrochemical industry


 Sanaz Irannejad

 Recent development in solid – microextraction coating and related techniques.


 Sara Sheykhi

 Investigation of methods for synthesis and characterization of nanoporous materials for using them in hydrogen adsorption industry.


 Vahid Hosseini

 Investigation of gas sensing properties of nano TiO2 prepare


 Seyed Ebrahim Mosavi fard

 Study and deliberation of nanoporous material as humidity sensor

 November 2009

 Mohammadbagher Ghasemyan

 New applications of nanoporous compounds in solid phase microextraction

 November 2009

 Sakineh Mandegharrad

 New applications of nanoporous compounds in adsorption and reservation of gas

 November 2009

 Samira Salehi

 Introduction and investigation of nanocompounds having hidriphilic and high water sorption properties

 November 2009

 Ali Hghi Nosratabad

 Introduction and presentation of new applications of carbon active in industries

 November 2009

 Naser Kakoli Khataee

 New applications of solid phase microextraction (SPME)

 December 2008

 Morteza Khazaee

  Nanoporous sensors

 December 2008

 Shahram Amimahmoodi

  Study of preparation and application methods of nanoporous composites

 December 2008

 Arezoo Gaffari

  Study of the applications of nanoporous membranes

 December 2008

  Mahrooz Alvand

  Study of the preparation methods of nanoporous membranes

 December 2007

  Seyed Ershad Moradi

  An investigation on new methods of the synthesis of nano/meso porous materials and their application in indusry

 December 2007

  Seyedeh Mohadeseh Mirabdolazimi

  An investigation on synthesis and characterization of nano/meso porous materials and their application in removing environmental pollutants

 December 2007

  Zahra Parvin

  An investigation on synthesis and characterization methods and industrial applications of carbon nanostructures

 January 2008

  Saba Asle Hariri

  Surface plasmon resonance in spectroscopy and its applications

 January 2008

 Maryam Lashgari

 Field Flow Fractionation (FFF)

 December 2006

  Kaveh Mohammadi

  Nanoporous compounds and study of different methods for their characterization

 December 2006

  Faezeh Khosravi

  Nanoporous material (specially molecular sieves) and their applications in separation and catalytic processes

 December 2006

  Zohreh Ghasemyan

  Study of the synthesis methods of porous materials, specially molecular sieves templated via macromolecules

 December 2006

  Noorali Mohammadi

  General study of the types of nanoporous materials and their advantages



  d) Bachelor Degree Theses

  Exam Date



 July 2003

 H. Salehi

 A. Kiani

 Environmental topics related to well drilling

 February 2002

 M. Farhanghian

 A. Salimi

  ِ Designing a chlor-alkali unit and resolving the problem of mercury leakage into the conversion reactor

 Spring 2001

 E. Shayghan

 Designing a treatment unit for recovering the wastewater of Sari beverage factories

 Summer 2001

 M. Homazadeh Abianeh

 Investigation of the heat transfer problem in the rubber extruders

 Summer 2002

 G. R. Najjari

 Recovering monomers of the SBR production unit of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex

 Spring 2002

 H. R. Mehdipoor

 Designing a sousage factory and its technical and economical evaluation

 June 2002

 F. Shojaee

 M. Mirzaee

 Formulation and design of the production process of the Shahuti firebrick



  Heat transfer in the douplex extruder

 July 2003

  S. Akbarzadeh

  Study of the foaming phenomenon in the CO2 production process

 Fall 2000

 R. Haghsheno

 H. Farajiha

 Introducing a practical method for maximum separation maximum separation of water from produced oil of wells

 October 2000

  H. Naderi

  P. Shiri

  Invesitigation an optimization of the oil and gas separators



  Separation of the mercaptane from petroleum liquids

 November 2000

  A. Larz Farrokhi

  M. Pazooki

  Technical and economical study of the production of triple super phosphate (TSP)


  1. Talezari

  Study of the t heoretical and practical aspects of the process of plating plastics

 Summer 1998

 Sh. Noorizad

 M. Z. Mirzaee

 Study of the raw material, production process and design of a detergent powder production unit

 Spring 2000

  A. Yusefi

  Production of the cheese from whey and separation of the proteins of whey employing ultrafiltration

 June 2000

 M. S. Mosavati

 M. Asghari

 Designing a spray drier unit for the detergent powder production industries

 Fall 1999

 B. Naderinejad

 Pricpals of the vacuum plating of plastics and comparing it with the electrochemical plating method

 November 1999

 M. Nikkhah

 Investigation of different non-wood Cellulose sources usable in paper production

 October 1997

 S. M. Zaki

 M. Razavizadeh

  ِ Design and production of the thermoregulator phenolic resins


  A. Faraji Savarabadi

  M. R. Asghari

  Possibility study of the replacement of the Eldar pulp with imported long base pulp

 Summer 1996

  1. Abdollahinejad

 M. Lesani

  ِ Design and optimization of a sulfuric acid production unit

 September 1997

  1. Karami

 Study of the process of pulp production using Bagasse ( sugarcane pulp)

 Fall 1998


 Study of the technology of the production of pulp and making money paper and securities

 November 1997

 R. Chenani Afshar

 M. Moludi

 Study of the recycling process of the alkaline wastewater (black liquor) in paper industries

 October 1997

 H. R. Vahedian

 E. Asgarnia

 Study, design and preparation of different types of reactive glazes

 Spring 1999

  M. Malekpoor

  A. Kheirollahi

  New ceramic coats and the comparison with conventional plating methods

 July 2000

  1. Miladi

  Oils and their application in high voltages


 R. Zabihi

 Production of pulp from cotton linter

 Winter 1999

 J. Nazari

 A. Torab Ahmadi

 Investigation and comparison of different typed of additives for PVC in the transition coating method


  1. Burbur Ajdari

  M. Khansari

  Dairy processes , health issues and modification of the used milk employing pasteurization method

 Spring 2000


 Study of the deformation of the refrigerant in the CO2 refrigerant cycle


 Winter 1998

 M. Alaghebandan

 A. Darabi

 Study and application of the granules in the pharmaceutical industries and design of the needed equipments

 November 1996

 M. H. Hosseinpoor

 E. Fatehi

 The process of the production of pulp from cotton stem and study of the treatment of the water and wastewater of the factory

 Winter 2000

 M. Momeni

 No more use of C.F.C and replacing it with the environmental friendly compounds






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