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Dr.Seyyed Mohammad Reza Milani Hosseini

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Dr. Seyed Mohammad Reza Milani Hosseini

  Email:drmilani AT

 Tel:   +98 (21) 77491208

  Fax : +98 (21) 77491204


Address: Faculty of Chemistry Iran Univ. of Science and Technology 16846-11367 Tehran, Iran


Ph.D.: Aligarh Muslim University (India), 1979

 Area Of Interest:

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Electrochemistry and Ion Selective Electrodes


Environmental Chemistry

Published Journal Articles


 - Dispersive Liquid – Liquid Microextraction (DLLME) -2008


1- Select of Superior papers by Elsevier ,2008

* M.Taghi Naseri, P.Hemmatkhah, S. M.R.Milani Hosseini , Y.Assadi , "Combination of dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction with flame atomic absorption spectrometry using microsample introduction for determination of lead in water samples" Journal of ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA , vol 610,135-141, 1 Mar (2008).

2- Select of Superior papers by Elsevier ,2007

 * A.Bidari, El.Zeini Jahromi, Y.Assadi, S. M.R.Milani Hosseini, " Monitoring of selenium in water samples using dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction followed by iridium-modified tube graphite furnace atomic absorption sepectrometry " Journal of Microcemical, Elsevier, Vol.87, Issue 1, October (2007) Pages 6-12 . 

3- Select of Superior papers by Elsevier ,2006

* M.Rezaee , Y.Assadi, S. M.R.Milani Hosseini, E.Aghaee, S.Berijani , F.Ahmadi " Determination of organic compounds in water using dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction ", Journal of hromatography A, Elsevier, Vol. 1116, Issue 1-2, 26 May (2006) Pages 1-9 . 


* S.Berijani , Y.Assadi, M.Anbia, S. M.R.Milani Hosseini, E.Aghaee " Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction combined with gas chormatography-flame photometric detection very simple, rapid & sensitive method for the determination of organophosphorus pesticides in water", Journal of Chromatography A, Elsevier,Vol.1123, Issue 1, 4 Aug. (2006) .Pages 1-9. 

4- Department Best Research Award ,2008

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