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Research assistant of the Faculty

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Dr. Ali Ghaffarinejad
Research assistant of the Faculty


Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry Department
Phone number: (+9821) 77240540 extension (+9821) 73228309
Direct phone: (+9821) 77240652
Fax: (+9821) 73021554

Description of research assistant duties:
- Implementation of approved research bylaws and regulations
  - Planning and setting the policy and implementation methods necessary to implement the approvals of the Research Council and the University Publications Council
  - Supervising the implementation of the research programs of the groups and trying to solve their problems
  - Preparing and adjusting the research policies of the faculty and presenting them to the dean of the faculty
  - Supervising all research activities of professors and students of the faculty
  - Evaluation of the annual research performance of faculty members
  - Establishing communication and coordination with the managers of the subordinate units of the research assistantship of the university for the implementation of research regulations and guidelines
  - Persuading and encouraging faculty professors to author, translate, and write scientific and specialized books and articles to attract approved research funds
  - Establishing coordination and communication with relevant industries and services to attract their research projects, prepare for the conclusion of research contracts, and create the necessary facilities in this field.
  - Supervision of the good implementation of contracts and research plans approved by the faculty
  - Supervising the implementation of seminars and scientific gatherings
  - Supervising the good administration of the faculty library and trying to improve the quantity and quality of available scientific resources
  - Examining the requests of faculty professors to use scholarship study opportunities and short-term courses, setting criteria and priorities, and informing the dean of the faculty.
  - Supervising the good implementation of administrative and financial regulations and other guidelines for support matters in the Faculty
  - Reviewing and estimating the required budget of the college in cooperation with the relevant managers of the college based on the guidelines of the program and budget office of the university
  - Reviewing and estimating all the resources needed by the faculty, including recruitment and equipment needs
  - Creating coordination between the educational and administrative activities of the faculty
  - Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the faculty's non-teaching staff
  - Investigating and dealing with the issues and problems of the faculty's administrative and educational staff and trying to solve their problems
  - Supervising the preparation and communication of internal directives and instructions of the faculty
  - Supervision of the proper implementation of the notified credits of the faculty and how to spend them according to the regulations
  - Supervising the way of collecting and spending the dedicated income of the faculty according to the regulations
  - Supervising the preparation and preparation of the financial and property performance report of the faculty at the end of the financial year
  - Preparation and arrangement of the annual report on the research affairs and support of the faculty and presenting it to the dean of the faculty
  - Examining the student issues of faculty students and monitoring the implementation of student programs according to the relevant regulations
  - Implementing the rules and regulations of students of the central organization of the university in the faculty
  - Creating coordination with the managers of the student and cultural vice-chancellor of the university to plan and implement extracurricular activities in the faculty
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