School of Mechanical Engineering- Computer Laboratory - Graduate Student
Computer Laboratory - Graduate Student

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 Computer laboratory-graduate students only


 Attendant: Miss Mitra Shirazi

 Phone: Ext. 2966

 This laboratory is specially designed and erected to FulFill the needs of school's graduate students computer needs. In addition to begin connected on line to the internet, all technical and specialized computer software's and programs pertinent to mechanical engineering are installed on all computers. Graduate student's computer lab Is an extensive area containing 45 work stations and proportional number of CD and DVD writers and printers. All individuals possessing a user name and password are allowed to use the facility between the hours of 8 A.M. through 6 P.M. Saturday through Wednesday. The center is closed from 11:50 through 13 For Lunch and prayers. Rules and regulations governing the computer lab. Are available at the attendant's desk and accessible by all interested parties.

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