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University Computer Centre services are designed to introduce you to the range of computing facilities and services that are offered by the Centre.
Webmail Account
In today’s world, e-mails play a pivotal role in exchanging information and communication. To that end, every student, faculty, and staff member is entitled to a free IUST Webmail account, which can be used for email. You need to have a username and a password to be able to use the IUST Webmail services. Please come to the University Computer Center to get an IUST Webmail account. Bring student ID card with yourself.
See help

  • To Use Webmail
    • Open a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.
    • In the address bars, type: for faculty, employee and Ph.D. Students and for undergraduate and M.S. students.
    • Enter your username and password and then click Login.
  • Webmail Support
  • Read Mail
  • Search Messages
  • Compose Mail
  • Change Preferences
  • Use Outlook
  • POP3, SMTP and IMAP
  • Spell Checking

Personal WebPages
IUST offers Personal WebPages to students and faculty at no charge. This server hosts the personal web pages of people in IUST and the WebPages are to be maintained by individuals that are responsible for their contents. If you are a staff member in IUST and do not have a website, see the "Frequently Asked Questions" first and then create your own site. If you are a visitor, you can search through the site and people directory.

  • Web Support

Help is always available for IUST students, faculty, and staff. Any of the following problem areas can be addressed through

  • Login/Password help for IUST Webmail
  • Help with Printing/Downloading documents
  • Using Library databases
  • Using Microsoft Office
  • Broken hardware
  • Network Passwords


University FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server provides users with a fast and efficient way to transfer files between computer systems over the campus network or the Internet. The general section of FTP server is used for downloading typical software required in the university and is available to all IUST students and staff via university network; students can gain access to mentor’s note in the FTP server too. Please type in you internet browser to see the general FTP part. Faculties can submit their request for the special FTP account to
University ISP provides Internet dial-up accounts for off-campus usage and serves faculty and student with 55 telephone lines.
  • Note: Faculty members and Ph.D. students have 50 and 30 hours per month free access to university ISP respectively. More access is liable to payment. For more information, reach for
  • Tel:
  • (+98) 21-77491140
  • (+98) 21-77240566
  • (+98) 21-77240040
  • (+98) 21-77240000

Hardware/ Software support
UCC has over the years provided a central information and purchasing point for university departments and staff acquiring computer hardware and software. As part of our services, we provide, in conjunction with other services available within the University Computer Centre, up-to-date technical information and equipment. These services are available to any university member who has a computing allocation.

  • Software

Many different types of software can be obtained via the Computer Centre whether by downloading them from the web or requesting them from the Computer Centre itself. The software packages are only available for use on machines owned by the university. UCC is responsible for licensing, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of all software in university labs and sites. These supports include:

  • Purchasing and licensing
  • Initial installation on new or existing machines
  • Updates, service packs, patches, and repairs
  • Upgrades to newer versions
  • Phone support for commons questions.
  • Hardware

UCC configures, purchases and supports computer equipment on behalf of university departments based on properly authorized requisition forms. All university computer equipment is yearly investigated for any probable malfunction and is replaced in case.

IP & Domain Allocating

For computer workstations using the TCP/IP protocols, each of them must have a unique IP address. It is also desirable to register your departmental computer server with a Domain Name Address ( Allocation of IP addresses and registration of Domain Name Addresses for departmental computer systems must be applied from the Computer Centre through the PC and network in order to avoid any network problems due to inappropriate IP address assignments. IP addresses which are assigned to clients should not be set up by users themselves without approval from the Computer Centre, as this would conflict with the central IP addresses assignment scheme and cause network access problems for other users. For more help contact
Server Monitoring Service
Server monitoring is the process of testing or tracking (monitoring) how end-users interact with a website or web application. It is used to ensure that our clients are able to access their online applications and perform actions such as searching and checking accounts. It is essential to ensure that our website is available to users and downtime is minimized. See university monitoring service and for more information reach for
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