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The Scientific, Industrial & Technological Cooperation (SITC) Office is the legal and professional connection between the university and other executive headquarters such as R&D divisions of public and private industrial companies, science and technology parks, incubator centers, and all the industries and organizations seeking collaborative efforts with IUST in order to improve the quantity and quality of products and services.

Goals and Objectives
SITC is dedicated to:

    • Regular analysis of industrial partners of the university in order to assign and pursue mutual industrial interests,
    • Giving timely report on the addressees’ needs to the university faculty members,
    • Receiving research proposals from departments and proffering them to industries,
    • Making industrial contracts undersigned by SITC director as the legal representative of the university, who is conferred by the university chancellor to sign all related contracts,
    • Measuring performance of the university contracts and obtaining employer satisfaction in accordance with the contracts,
    • Appointing university representative from the faculty members in order to monitor projects and delegating the necessary authorities to them,
    • Transferring students to partner industries to attain educational skills,
    • Help commercializing university achievements by registering and patenting inventions and negotiating to sell the technology involved or form a prolific company,
    • Assessing and addressing national and international innovations, as the local representative of the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation,
    • Pursuing close cooperation with the incubator center in order to conduct applied researches into the community.
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