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art 2008

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  • A hybrid particle swarm and ant colony optimization for design of truss structures (A. Kaveh, S. Talatahari).
  • A new algorithm for domain decomposition of finite element models (A. Kaveh, K. Laknegadi, M. Zahedi).
  • Group-theoretic method for forced vibration analysis of symmetric structures
  • Localized identification of shear buildings with embedded foundation in frequency domain (K. Sholeh, A. Vafaiei, A. Kaveh)
  • Plastic analysis of frames using genetic alkgorithm and ant colony algorithm (A. Kaveh, M. Jahanshahi and M. Khanzadi).
  • Stability analysis of hyper symmetric skeletal structures using group theory (A. Kaveh, M. Nikbakht).
  • Structural Topology Optimization Using Ant Colony Methodology (A. Kaveh, B. Hassani 1 , S. Shojaee, S.M. Tavakkoli).
  • Variation theorems for dynamic analysis of 2D structures (A. Kaveh, M. Najimi).
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