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Master of Scince Seminar

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The List Master of Scince Seminar

• Study and idification heliom usages in industrial and defensive materials

• Biological application of magnetic. radio frequency and microwave

• Application of HVDC systems in power networks

• Industrial application of radio frequency heating

• Reactive power and voltage control methods in power network

• Review to UPFC and itsmodels at stable state

• Performance of power electronic systems as reactive power compensator

Review to structure and performance of static synchronous compensator (STATCOM)
  in power system at stable state

• Investigation of structure and application of linear synchronous motor

• Induction generator analysis and applications

• Application of electrostatic for separation of particles

• Application study of variable core inductances orthogonal

• Study of present and future china power system (AC,DC) and it's comparsion

  with fourth program of Iran

• Welding in industry

• Idification of power system parameters

• Study of different methods for measuring the caractrestic curve of magnetic materials
   and estimation of their losses

• Frequncy domain of inverters in industry

• Application of AC/DC converters in reactive power compensation

• Protection of power IGBT

• Capacitance and its application in HVDC system

• Review of voltage and power stability in HVDC systems

• Inductances and their applications in HVDC system

• Investigation of kinds of tests related to thyristor valve HVDC network converters

• Corona losses, effects and its lateral phenomena on high power lines

• Application of microcontrollers in control of HVDC convertors

• Definitions , models and methods of excilation system test

• Theory and technology of high voltage direct current cables

• The role and structure of convestor transformer in HVDC systems

• Investigation of principles of magnetic levitation systems

• Saturoble magnetics and their applications

• Construction technology of pulsed capacitors

• Investigation of operation of homopolar generator

• Investigation of high power lamps (Ignitron-tiratron)

• Investigation of the structure and model of the pulsed transformer and it's applications

• Investigation of energy sharge capablity of superconducter and it's applications

• Review of photovoltaic systems- power electronics application in operation of sular cells

• Protection and insulation coordination of HVDC systems

• Optimal design of asyncheronous motors

 • Field orientation method for controling induction machine

• Investigation of harmonic elimination methods in power converters

• Mesurment of magnetic quarities and it's sensors


• Numirical analysis of electric fields

• Study of drive systems in diesel electric locomotives

• Electro Traction systems

• Identification and stablishing drive system of a DC motor named control an drive- constrached 
  in siemens company

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