Power Electronic and Electric,Magnetic fields Research Lab- Master of Science Thesis
Master of Scince Theses

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The List of Master of Scince Theses

     • Simulation and implementation of cycloconverter with AC/DC converter

     • Modeling and simulation of long stater one-side linear induction motor

     • Implementation of ourrent control on laboratorial HVDC system in fault condition

     • Calculation of magnetic forces between current carrying coils in two plates

     • Simulation of pulsed-power system configurations in biological applications

     • Modeling of high frequency power transformers

     • Sterilization of liquid by high voltage pulsed electric field

     • Current source inverter simulation and investigation of experimental results

     • Design & simulation of high voltage power inverter & their protection system

     • Design , simulation & parameter measurment of DC passive filter in HVDC system

     • Calculation & design of variable vertical core indoctor for active power control in electrical network

     • Design and construct an ultrasonic oscillator 20-40 KHZ with power of 1 KW for ultrasonic drilling

     • Analysis of voltage & power stability and evaluating the effects of load charateristics
       on the stablility margins of three HVDC system configurations

     • Speed control of linear induction motors using vector control

     • Arresters design and optimization thyristor valves snubber circuits for HVDC systems

     • HVDC power transmission line design based on its overvoltage and losses modeling

     • Design and simulation of local and central controllers in HVDC system with fuzzy logic

     • Simulation and design of local and central controller for HVDC system

     • Harmonic  analysis of HVDC network in both AC and DC sides and omission of them
       by passive filter

     • Design of HVDC (500 KV) thyristor valves

     • Analysis & design of industria inverter

     • Simulation and study of regenerative braking in DC series motors

     • Simulation and speed control of 3-phase induction motos

     • Monitoring and measurment of linear motors speed

     • Analysis of electromagnetic forces acted on conductors and currrent elements

     • Simulation pulsed power supplies for special demands

     • Design & constant of pulse supply source

     • Speed control of DC motors with thyristor controled rectifiers and saturable magnetic switchs

     • Simulation & speed controller of induction motor by return power method

     • Modeling of linear induction motor

     • Simulation and designing of capacitive pulsed power supplies

     • Study & simulation of asynehrone motor used estanly method by matlab software

     • Analysis and simulation of tubular pulsed induction motors

     • HVDC controls for improve the system dynamic performance

     • Utilization of 16-bit microcontrollers and light-triggered thyristor in HVDC systems

     • Control of power transmission system parameter by high voltage direct current

     • Harmonic filters design & ground return in HVDC networks

     • Simulation of high voltage converter & calculation and design of filters in HVDC transmission line

     • Design, simulation and laboratory set up of synchronous motor speed controler

     • Control and analysis of dynamic effect of HVDC system

     • Three phase current source inverter-fed induction motor drive

     • Simulation of HVDC network by EMTP software

     • Simulation of DC driver system

     • Design & contraction of linear induction motors

     • Analysis, design & contraction of resistivity welding device

     • Simulation of speed control for asynchrone motor

     • Study , analysis & contraction of electro hydrolic mover

     • Uninterruptile power supply (UPS)

     • Thyristor alternative current controller

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