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Testing Machine

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 Testing Machine 

 Electronic Universal Testing Machine is mainly applicable to test tension, compression and other mechanical property indexes for metallic, nonmetallic, composite materials. Meanwhile, it can conduct test and data processing. It is widely used in industries like automotive parts, aerospace, machinery, wire and cable, rubber, plastics, textiles, building materials and home appliances, etc. It is ideal equipment for test in scientific research for graduate and undergraduate student.



    This machine with 150KN capacity is able to test the mechanical properties of a wide range of the materials such as:

    Metals - Casting - Sheet & Foils - Graphite

    Plastics -  Welding  - Bars & Belts -  Adhesives

    Ceramics - Wire & Cable - Rubber - Automobile Components

    Composites -  Tube & Pipe - Timber-  Finished Components


  With additional accessories, the following test can be performed:

    Tension   -  Shear  -  Ring Stiffness

    Compression  -  Flexure  -  Foam Hardness

    Bending  -  Stiffness  -   Creep

    Peel   -  Buckling   -  Relaxation


  The following M.S. thesis have been done with using this machine

  - Optimization of TMB profile to energy absorption enhancement due to axial impact loading

  - vibration Analysis of auto_body panels manufactured by TWB & its Optimization by genetic algorithm

  - Experimental analysis and improvement of bus body section manufactured by TWB method in order to energy absorption increasement in Roll-Over test


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