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Full Name: Dr. Bidabadi, Mehdi

Position: Professor

Phone: 98-21-77240540-50     Ex:2918

Fax: 98-21-77240488


Address: Iran University of Science & Technology, Tehran, IRAN

Webpage: google scholar

University Degrees

  • PHD, McGill University, Canada, (1995). 
  • MSC, Sharif University of Technology, Iran, (1987).
  • BSC, Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran, (1985).

Current Research

  • Dust Flame propagation Mechanisms.
  • Development of a new experimental apparatus to produce Laminar Dust flame propagation.
  • Optimization of the smoke wind tunnel.

Fields of Interest

  • Combustion.
  • Wind tunnel.
  • Gas Dynamics.

Selected Publications-Journal Papers

• Bidabadi, M. , Panahifar, P., Sadeghi, S.,(2018), "Analytical Development of a Model for Counterflow Nonpremixed Flames with Volatile Biofuel Particles Considering Drying and Vaporization Zones With Finite Thicknesses", Fuel, 231,pp. 172-186.
• Bidabadi, M. , Vahabzadeh Bozorg, M., Bordbar, V.,(2017), "A Three Dimensional Simulation of Discrete Combustion of Randomly Dispersed Micron Aluminum Particle Dust Cloud and Applying Genetic Algorithm to Obtain the Flame Front", Energy, 140,pp. 804-817.
• Bidabadi, M. , Aghajannezhad, P., Harati, M., Yaghoubi, E., Shahriari, G., (2016), "Modeling Random Combustion of Lycopodium Particle and Gas", International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics, 8(2),pp. 100-111.

• Bidabadi, M. , Mohammadi, M., Poorfar, A. K., Mollazadeh, S., Zadsirjan, S., (2015), "Modeling Combustion of Aluminum Dust Cloud in Media with Spatially Discrete Sources", Heat and Mass Transfer, 51,pp. 837-845.

• Bidabadi, M., Akbari Vakilabadi, M. , Esmaeilnejad, A., (2015),"Strain Rate Effect on Micro - Organic Dust Flame in Premixed Counterflow", Heat Transfer Research, 46(1), pp. 1-11.

• Bidabadi, M., Vahdat Azad, A., (2014),"Effect of the Radiation Heat Loss on Propagation of the Spherical FlameThrough Premixed Coal Dust", Int. J. Oil. Gas and Coal Technology , 8(4), pp. 468-488.

• Bidabadi, M., Hassanpour Yosefi, S., Khoini Poorfar, A., Hajilou, M., Zadsirjan, S., (2014),"Modelling Combustion of Magnesium Dust Cloud in Heterogeneous Media", Combustion, Explosion and Shoch Waves , 50(6), pp. 658-663.

• Bidabadi, M., Fereidooni, J., Hosseini, S.N., Asadollahzadeh, P., (2014),"Investigation of particle size effect on flame velocity in the combustion of nano/micron-sized aluminum particles in air",Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering , 228(2), pp. 297-304.

• Bidabadi, M., Hassani Haghighi, M., Khoini Poorfar, A., Zadsirjan, S., (2014),"Flame Propagation of Boron Dust Particles in Heterogeneous Media", Powder Technology, 262, pp. 9-13.

• Bidabadi, M., Faraji Dizaji, F., Beidaghy Dizaji, H., Safari Ghahsareh, M., (2014),"Inestigation of Effective Dimensionless Numbers on Initiation of Instability in Combustion of Moisty Organic Dust", J Cent South Univ, 21, pp. 326-337.

• Bidabadi, M., Fereidooni, J., (2013),"Modelling ignition temperature and burning time of a single aluminium nanoparticle", Micro and Nano Letters , 8(11), pp.783-787.

• Bidabadi,M., Sadaghiani,A.K., Vahdat Azad,A., (2013),"Spiral Heat Exchanger Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm", Scientia Iranica B, 20(5), pp. 1445-1454.

• Bidabadi, M., Mostafavi, S., A., Beidaghy Dizaji, H., Faraji Dizaji, F., (2013),"Lycopodium Dust Flame Characteristics Considering Char Yeild", International Journal of science and Technology (Scientia Iranica Journal), 20(6), pp. 1781-1791.

• Bidabadi, M., Mafi, M.,  (2013),"Time Variation of Combustion Temperature and Burning Time of a Single Iron Particle", International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 65, pp. 136-147.

• Bidabadi, M., Zadsirjan, S., R., Mostafavi, A.,  (2013),"Propagation and Extinction of Dust Flames in Narrow Channels",Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries , 26, pp. 172-176.

• Bidabadi, M., Mafi, M.,  (2013),"Analytical Modeling of Combustion of a Single Iron Particle Burning in the Gaseous Oxidizing Medium", Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineering, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 227(5), pp. 1006-1021 .

• Bidabadi, M.,  Ameri Natanzi, A. H., Mostafavi,  A., (2012),"Thermophoresis Effect on Volatile Particle Concentration in Micro - Organic Dust Flame", Powder Technology, (217), pp.69-76.

• Bidabadi, M., Fereidooni, J., Tavakoli, R., Mafi, M.,  (2011),"Premixed Filtration Combustion of Micron and Sub - Micron Particles in Inert Porous Media: A Theoretical Analysis", Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 28(2), pp. 461-469.

• Bidabadi, M., Fanaee, A., Rahbari, A., (2010), "Investigation over the Recirculation Influence on the Combustion of Micro Organic Dust Particles", Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 31(6), pp. 685-696.

• Bidabadi, M. , Haghiri, A., Rahbari, A., (2010), "Mathematical Modeling of Velocity and Number Density Profiles of Particles Across the Flame Propagation Through a Micro - Iron Dust Cloud", Journal of Hazardous Materials, 176 (1-3), pp. 146-153.

• Bidabadi, M., Sedighi, M., (2002),"The Investigation of Particle Size Effect on Burning Velocity of Laminar Flame of Aluminum Dust", International Journal of Engineering Science, 13(3), pp. 133-145.

• Goroshin, S., Bidabadi, M., Lee, J.H.S., (1996), "Quenching Distance of Laminar Flame in Aluminum Dust Clouds", Combustion and Flame, 105(1-2), pp. 147-160.

Research Laborator

Combustion Research Laboratory

Courses Taught

Fuels and Combustion (Undergraduate)

Gasdynamics (Undergraduate)

Fluid Mechanics Lab. (Undergraduate)

Thermodynamics Lab. (Undergraduate)

Strengh of Materials Lab. (Undergraduate)

Advanced Combustion (Graduate)

Particles Combustion (Graduate)

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