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M. Kazerooni

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1- Faculty profile

Family Name: Shoulaie

First Name: Abbas

• Title: FULL Professor

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2- Higher Education

3- Expertise

was born in Isfahan and spent primary and high school in this city. His higher education at BSC was in Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST). In 1974, because he had good educational condition and had to spend military service, in spite of good proposal from cement industrial and other prominent industrial from Tehran and Kerman , being interested in scientific issues, he preferred to start working at IUST. Then he was sent off to France for education, and he finished his PHD thesis in 1984 and returned to Iran .

After returning from France in 1984, he accepted responsibility of Power Electronic Laboratory.

In 1983, he accepted the management of "Power Electronic Laboratory". In 1984, he was appointed the dean of Electrical Engineering Department. Also, in 1985, again he was appointed the dean of Electrical Engineering Department, and at this year, he could establish M.S. ages. Finally, in 1986, he became the chief of "Iran University of Science and Technology". In 1987, he renounced of this responsibility and continued the researches in Electrical Engineering Department. In the same year, he accepted the responsibility of M.S. & PHD ages, and in 1980, PHD students were accepted. In 1980, he originated the "Research laboratory" in the current place.

In 1996, again he was appointed dean of Electrical Engineering Faculty. In 1998, the national HVDC project was accepted in the National Research Council of Country and the research on this project began with his responsibility. With God's favor and good faith of some honorable and responsible people of country, a land with three hundred hectare area was provided for university as center of research and study of this national project.

In November 2002, he became full professor. He has translated 2 books. One of his books entitled "Power Electronics" was chosen as a selected book in year 1998. In 1996, he won the Kharazmi International Festival award for one of his projects. He has around 100 papers in Iranian and foreign Journals and conference proceedings.

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