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Surname :AlirezaeeiName :Mohammadreza Date of birth:March 21, 1964   

Present Position :Associat ProfessorDepartment : Mathematics

Ph.D. , Applied Mathematics, Tel : +98-21- 73225428

Website :www.ALIREZAEE.com E-mail : mralirez@iust.ac.ir

Education and Qualifications
Teaching Experiences
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Education and Qualifications

    University Degrees

 Ph.D. University for Teacher Education, Operations Research, 1996

Ph.D. Thesis: Evaluation of Efficiency Bias in Data Envelopment Analysis

M.Sc. University for Teacher Education, Applied Mathematics, 1991

M.Sc. Thesis: Linear Complementarity’s Problem and its Applications 

B.Sc. Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Applied Mathematics, 1984

Sellected Short Course Certificates

Accepted as a visiting scholar of Department of Economics, the University of Calgary, Calgary (Alta.) Canada, January 1995 –August 1995.


Member of the Board of Iranian Society of Power Industry Engineering Productivity (IPN), www.iranipn.ir,  2010-.

Member of the Board of Iranian Operations Research Society (IORS), www.iors.ir,  2007-.

Scientific Board of Applied Mathematics Department, School of Mathematics, Iran University of Science and Technology IUST), 2003

Head of the Research Center of Operations Research, Behin-Cara, International Institute, 2003

Member of the Productivity Committee, University for Teacher Education, 2001- 2003.

Head of the Board and Managing Director of Behin-Cara, International Institute of Operations Research, 2000-.

Member of the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Management and Development, Institute of Management Research and Education, 1997-.

Scientific Board of Mathematics Department, University for Teacher Education, 1996-2003

Member of the Research Committee, Institute of Management Research and Education (IMRE), 1996- 1998.

Teaching Experiences

Advanced Operations Research I

Advanced Operations Research II

  Advanced Linear Programming

Advanced Data Envelopment Analysis I

 Advanced Data Envelopment Analysis II

 Nonlinear Models Optimization

Operations Research I

 Operations Research II

 Numerical Analysis I

 Computer Simulation

 Discrete Mathematics

 Computer Sciences and Programming

Refereed Articles

Refereed Articles Published in the Iranian Journals

Research Projects

Research project with National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) for two years implementation of evaluation system for Provincial Gas Distribution Companies (PGDC's) of NIGC (a contract with IUST), 2010- .

Books written (in Persian)

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