Niaz Pour Gholami


Name: Niaz Pour Gholami

Tel: +98 (21) 77240540


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Moones Hakamizadeh


Name: Moones Hakamizadeh

Tel: +98 (21) 77240540


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Azad Alireza


  Name: Azad Alireza


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 1) Cobaltpolyoxometalate catalyzed cyclization of glucal with aryl amines: synthesis of 2,4-disubstituted tetrahydroquinolines


 Bioorganic and medicinal chemistry letters 17(2007)2756-2759


 2) Tin (II) polyoxometalates as an efficient catalyst for the selective oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides


 Z.Natureforsch. 61b (2006)601-606


 3) Silica-supported heteropoly acids: highly efficient catalysts for synthesis of α-aminonitriles, using trimethyl silyl cyanide or potassium cyanide


 Journal of molecular catalysis A: chemical 261(2006)49-52


 4) K5CoW12O40.3H2O heterogeneous catalyst for the Strecker type aminative cyanation of aldehydes and ketones


 Synthetic communication 37(2007)1127-1132


 5) K5CoW12O40.3H2O highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of α-aminonitriles


 Letter in organic chemistry 4(2007)60-63



 1) Selective oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides by Tin (II) polyoxometalate


 13th Iranian seminar of organic chemistry (Bu Ali Sina University)


 2) Ti (IV) and Sn (IV) polyoxometalates as efficient catalyst for the oxidation of sulfides


 9th Iranian inorganic chemistry conference (Semnan University)


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Mahboobeh Rabbani


Name: Mahboobeh Rabbani

Email: M_Rabani AT


  1. Rahimi, Rabani, Jeddi, "The interaction between nanoporphyrins and melanin dye and the study of their application in skin cancer treatment", 10th Iranian Inorganic Chemistry Conference, Zahedan, 1387
  2. Rahimi, Rabani, Moharami, "Porphyrinotitania: Hybrid Organic-Inorganic MaterialsSynthesis sol-gel porphyrin", 10th Iranian Inorganic Chemistry Conference, Zahedan, 1387
  3. Rahimi, Rabani, Moharami, Jeddi, " Kinetics of incorporation of silver in water soluble porphyrins", 10th Iranian Inorganic Chemistry Conference, Zahedan, 1387
  4. R. Rahimi, M. Rabani, "The surface photovoltaic properties ofα, β, γ, δ -tetrahydroxylphenylporphyrin (THPP) and α, β, γ, δ -tetraphenylporphyrin (TPP) affected by nano-TiO2", The First Regional Symposium on Bioelectrochemistry-Oct. 13-15, 2008
  5. Rahimi, Rabani, Rajaii, "Associations of keggin-type anions with cationic porphyrin as catalysts for epoxidation of alkenes",12th Iranian Chemical Engineering Congress, Tabriz, Sahand, 1387

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Fatemeh Zabihi


Name: Fatemeh Zabihi                                                             



  1. Infinite hydrogen-bonded chains in tris(1,10-phenanthroline)zinc(II) nitrate bis(glutaric acid) dehydrate Hossein Aghabozorg, Bahar Nakhjavan, Fatemeh Zabihi, Farshid Ramezanipour, Hamid Reza Aghabozorg, Acta Cryst. (2005). E61, m2664–m2666

  1. Piperazinediium bis(pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato)cuprate(II) tetrahydrate Hossein Aghabozorg, Fatemeh Zabihi, Mohammad Ghadermazi, Jafar Attar Gharamaleki , Shabnam Sheshmani, Acta Cryst. (2006). E62, m2091–m2093

  1. Novel Complexes of Zinc(II) with Different Proton Transfer Ion Pairs Obtained from Dipicolinic Acid: Synthesis, Characterization and X-ray Crystal Structure, Hossein Aghabozorg ,Mohammad Ghadermazi, Fatemeh Zabihi, Bahar Nakhjavan, Janet Soleimannejad, Elahe Sadr-khanlou,Abolghasem Moghimi
  2. Effect of ultrasound radiation on the size and size distribution of synthesized copper particles , Jafar Moghimi-Rad, Fatemeh Zabihi, Iraj Hadi, Sadollah Ebrahimi, Taghi Dallali Isfahani, Jamshid Sabbaghzadeh, journal of materials science, Vol 45, Issue 14, 2010, 3804-3810

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fateme Hashemzadeh


Name: fateme Hashemzadeh

Email : fa_hashemzadeh33 AT


1. Fatemeh Hashemzadeh , M. Mehdi Kashani Motlagh , Amir Maghsoudipour

A comparative study of hydrothermal and sol–gel methods in the synthesis of MnO2 nanostructures

J Sol-Gel Sci Technol DOI 10.1007/s10971-009-1978-2, Received: 27 October 2008 / Accepted: 7 April 2009

2. H. Ashassi-Sorkhabi , N. Ghalebsaz-Jeddi, F. Hashemzadeh, H. Jahani

Corrosion inhibition of carbon steel in hydrochloric acid by some polyethylene glycols

Electrochemical Research Laboratory, Department of Physical Chemistry, Chemistry Faculty, Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran, Received 25 July 2005; received in revised form 31 October 2005; accepted 3 November 2005, Available online 15 December 2005

3. Fatemeh Hashemzadeh* and M. Kashani Motlagh

Hydrothermal synthesis and characterisation of MnO2 nanostructures

International Journal of Nanomanufacturing 2010 - Vol. 5, No.3/4 pp. 260 - 267

* Conf.

1. Fatemeh Hashemzadeh, ,M. Kashani motlagh

Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of MnO2 nanostructures

the 2nd Conference on Nanostructures (March 11-14), 2008, kish University, kish Iland, I.R.Iran

2. F.Hashemzadeh, M.M.Kashani motlagh, A.Maghsoudipour

Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of α-MnO2 nanostructures

nd International Congress on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Faculty of Chemistry, University of Tabriz 28-30 October 2008, as Oral presentation

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