Dean Message

Message by the Dean of the Shcool
The School of Mathematics and Computer Science of Iran University of Science and Technology, with a brilliant history, is always recognized as one of the top mathematics and computer science faculties in the country, and is proud of the presence of faculty members and talented students who work to improve the faculty's status and academic authority. They took effective steps and are still working tirelessly. Excellent educational quality, publication of international books, publication of original researches, highly cited researchers, winners of awards and Olympiads, along with favorable scientific-cultural environment, are part of the honors of the School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of the University of Science and Technology. 
Also, the main strategy of this School is to move towards entrepreneurship, attract capable faculty members, develop interdisciplinary courses, increase industrial interactions and train specialized and committed graduates in response to the needs of industry and society.

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the support and participation of all the members of the School of Mathematics and Computer Science, former officials and honorable veterans of the school.
Dr. Samaneh Mashhadi
Dean of the School

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