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(Technology units (Cmpanies

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:: Admission regulations ::

Admission regulations
Development center of technology units of  Iran University of Science and Technology

 In today's world, most new jobs are created by newly-established companies that offer new goods / services to competitive market and are known as SME.  Determining the role of these Small & Medium size Enterprises in developing countries is known worldwide and   is consistently recognized in the results of various studies, research and   reports in various media.  in fact  it is concluded that in developing countries  if SME,s  are not  economic engines, they  are  Employment-basis.   On the other hand,Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs support are closely  interconnected with Small & Medium size Enterprises and they directly affect Other issues as technology Development and commercialization . So SME,s  play a crucial role in the economic health of each country and their support is important.    In 1999 in the United States, 99% of new jobs are formed by SME, s and Small Business; however centers of technology development (Development centers) play a crucial role for SME development and development of these new businesses.

Development centers are  in the supportive infrastructure of countries  and  are organizations  that help newly established groups and entrepreneurs  to develop Small & Medium size Enterprises and make innovations and ideas into products / services to meet community needs with more speed .

 1.Development center: 
Is an organization  Under specialist  management And  provides  support services  to
Create and develop new businesses by entrepreneurs who are active in different fields and
have the economical knowledge-based goals .

2. technology units:
 Technology-based units in Development center are divided into four groups as research centers, emerging private companies, active private companies and research and development (R & D) units of public companies.

 2-1 research center:
 Research center are Technical groups who are active in in the form of a natural personality and not in the form of Legal personality.

  Usually at the start of a business, people perform activities in order to consolidate their ideas and Obtain information on their market and After gaining confidence and making preparations, The company is established. The first period of Development center (pre Development) has been created to adopt research center.   Research centers are prepared to establish a company during this period.

 2-2 emerging private companies:

Companies founded by those which have successfully completed the first period (pre Development) and the newly established private companies, are considered emerging companies.  These companies provide knowledge-based economic activities At the time of entering the second phase (Development).

  2-3  operating private companies:

Active  companies  with considerable experience are entered the  second period of Development (Development period)

 2-4  research and development (R & D) units of  public companies:
  Operating Companies can enter their R & D units to Development center.  The second period of Development center (Development period)   Will assist their R & D in coordinating their programs.


 3 - The first period (before growth):
 Is a period of Maximum 6 months in which individuals or groups  with  New and entrepreneurial knowledge-based industrial ideas are given Consulting and training for  being accustomed  with market, Identifying  working group, stabilizing work idea and  developing independent legal identity.  If successful in thisPreliminary course, emerging units   can be applicant of formal settlement in Development center.  This time period is extendable to 9 months with the approval of the Director of Center.

  4 - second period (Development) :
 Is a period of Maximum 3 years in which technology units of Development center achieve developing Criteria and then exit Development center .this time period is extendable to 5 years with the approval of the director of Center.

Admission regulations contents
 Article 1: Acceptance criteria of technology units
technology units  are admitted in   Development Center courses Based on three main criteria:

1 - goals and central (main)  ideas
Existence of Codified and classified Objectives in available standard formats and the basis idea Of technology unit activities is necessary also technology units goals should beExecutively and economically possible and   the central idea of Development center must rely on technology and commercialization.

 2 - active members composition:
 Preferably the composition of members should be comprehensive.  In other words, there should not be repeated specialization however necessary specialization should be available.   Also full time members are necessary.

 3 - Business plan
  It is Recommended that in admission period, technology units provide information and their opinions about product, market and  its financial aspects in a business plan.

 Article 2: Introduction of first period (pre Development)

 2-1 technology units Commitment in (pre Development) period
1.  presence   and dynamic participation of members  and make an  effort to stabilize ideas  and make  market recognition
 2.  offer work plan and  time schedule of active members
  3. Respect  Work values and timing of active members

  4.  introduce  a fully authorized representative to    Development center  to Perform all administrative affairs
5.  consulting  a scientific advisor  specialized in the  required field

 6.   Communicate with public and private institutions and organizations exclusively through Development center

 7.  Participation in training  courses  and  workshops and planned Consultation
 8.  activities focusing on central ideas

2-2 Development center Commitment    towards technology units in  (pre development) period

1.    Technology units Admitted in first period can be stationed in the Considered public space for six months. This period can be extended for 3 months if approved by the Director of Centre.

2.   Stationed technology units can benefit the available Limited services during this period in order to carry out the agreed activities between Technology unit and Development Center, based on the maximum credit support.

Technology units

2.3  end of Technology  unit activities in first period (pre Development)
1.  Technology unit after gaining qualifications to enter the first period can terminate its activities in this period and be the applicant to enter the second period. Based on the Development center evaluation and confirmation.
  2.  If Technology unit do not want to continue the station in the first period, it can attempt to withdraw the period.
3.   In case Technology units do not follow the obligations and responsibilities, Development center can terminate   its activity in this period, if approved by the Director of Centre.

Remark1: conversion of technology unit to company in the second period (Development) is done according to admission criteria in Development period.

 Article 3: Introduction to second period (Development)

 3-1 Technology unit commitment in second period (Development)
1.  Present a report on work progress and performance comparison to the center with a monthly schedule.
2.  Relation Stipulation of technology units with Development center in all documentation and correspondence.
3.  Pay for received services in the Scheduled time.  Lack of timely payment will result in termination of the contract.

4.   Report Insurance payroll and other complications of personnel to center on a monthly basis.
 5.  Report Major changes in shareholder, stock levels and the main activity of center.

6.  Compliance with governmental regulations and laws and respect Moral and work rules  in center.
7.   presence   and dynamic participation of  unit members  during the period and make an  effort to stabilize ideas  and make  market recognition

  8.   offer work plan and  time schedule of active members
9.  Introducing a Fully authorized Representative of Technology unit to Development center for all administrative matters.

 10.  Consulting a scientific advisor specialized in the required field and use scientific experts with sufficient skills to do research tasks and projects.

11.  cooperation with  the Director of Center in Evaluation of scientific and managerial development Based on the Program offered by  technology unit
12.   Communicate with public and private institutions and organizations exclusively through Development center
13.     Active Participation in training  courses  and  workshops and planned Consultation

14.  Using the identical form of Development center including the name and emblem of Development center   and relevant units in the letterhead and correspondence of unit, based on the format provided by the center.

15.  Using the identical form of Development center including the name and emblem of relevant unit Development center   in the Business card of unit, based on the format provided by the center.
 3-2 Development center   support of  stationed technology units in the second period (Development)

1.  The technology unit admitted in the second period Can be stationed in the provided space For 3 years.  This period is assigned based on the central and expert idea.

 2.  Technology units can benefit all services during this period in order to carry out the agreed activities between Technology unit and Development center, based on the maximum credit support.

 3-3 technology units legal status in the second period (Development)
•    The technology unit must be registered as an institution or a private company.
•  The unit Statute should be an indication of its activities in the work scope of Development center.
•  Any change in the unit statute should be informed to Development center.
•    Technology units are legally independent from Development center, but it is required to respect the rules and regulations of center.

3-4   termination of technology unit activities in the second period of Development center is happened if any of the following  items occurs:

  Completion of the second period and access active  company criteria
  Lack of quantitative and qualitative objectives set forth in the commitment of its technology development center.
 Fail to achieve quantitative and qualitative objectives stipulated in technology unit commitment to Development center.
  Fail to success  resulting from  Negligence  to achieve central idea  based on  Development center recognition
 Deviate from center criteria.
  If  technology unit doesn’t want to continue stationing in Development center, can exit.

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