AWT IMAGEThe School of Chemical Engineering of Iran University of Science and Technology began its activities as Iran's first chemical engineering school with its first graduate in 1935. Over the past many decades, in addition to playing a key role in Iran's scientific and industrial developments it has been a national

reference with its new innovations in scientific activities.

At present, the school has 26  academic members of staff in the following 6 fields:

- Process Modeling, Simulation & Control

- Reaction Engineering

- Separation processes

- Mineral Processing

- Thermodynamics

- Biotechnology

Relying on its 15  research laboratories , the school participates in educational and research activities. The school is one of the premiers of Iran, regarding the global education and research standards. The school publishes many papers in many prominent pier reviewed journals and presents tens of papers in international conferences. In addition, nearly 212  BSc , 250 MSc., and 87 PhD. students are active in this school to gain knowledge and experience, annually.

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