Iran University of Science and Technology was originally founded in
1929, as the first Iranian institute to train engineers. The first
graduate was awarded his bachelors degree in 1932 in the field of
Machine Engineering, followed by the first Chemical Engineer in 1935.
After many stages of improvement since then, the Institute finally
achieved the status of university in 1978 and was named the "Iran
University of Science and Technology".

IUST main campus consists of 13 major engineering and science schools
and department and 3 other departments (Foreign Languages, Islamic
Studies and Physical Education) with a sum of 375 faculty members. Just
on the main campus, over 9000 students are studying in 90 specialized
programs in engineering and sciences, of whom more than 2100 are Master
and 572 are Ph.D. students. Over 40,000 students have graduated from
this university since 1932.

Furthermore, the IUST has also developed two other campuses in the
cities of Arak and Behshahr.

The main campus, covering 42 acres, is located in the northeast of
Tehran. The campus includes department buildings, research centers, the
main library, residential halls, the mosque, administrative buildings,
playgrounds and indoor sports facilities as well as a football stadium.
There are also a number of other campus facilities such as medical
center, post office, bank, stationery and book store, bindery shop,
photography studio, restaurant and cafeteria, shoemaking shop, barber
shop, bakery, supermarket and kindergarten which provide a lively and
pleasant environment for the students to feel like home.