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S.k. Zeng, L.j. Li,
Volume 2, Issue 4 (10-2012)

Based on introducing two optimization algorithms, group search optimization (GSO) algorithm and particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm, a new hybrid optimization algorithm which named particle swarm-group search optimization (PS-GSO) algorithm is presented and its application to optimal structural design is analyzed. The PS-GSO is used to investigate the spatial truss structures with discrete variables and is tested by truss optimization problems. The optimization results are compared with that of the HPSO and GSO algorithm. The results show that the PS-GSO is able to accelerate the convergence rate effectively and has the fastest convergence rate among these three algorithms. The research shows the proposed PS-GSO algorithm can be effectively applied to optimal design of spatial structures with discrete variables.
J. Jin, L.j. Li, J.n. He,
Volume 4, Issue 1 (3-2014)

A quick group search optimizer (QGSO) is an intelligent optimization algorithm which has been applied in structural optimal design, including the hinged spatial structural system. The accuracy and convergence rate of QGSO are feasible to deal with a spatial structural system. In this paper, the QGSO algorithm optimization is adopted in seismic research of steel frames with semi-rigid connections which more accurately reflect the practical situation. The QGSO is combined with the constraint from the penalty coefficients and dynamic time-history analysis. The performance of the QGSO on seismic design has been tested on a two-bay five-layer steel frame in this paper. The result shows that, compared with the PSO algorithm, the QGSO algorithm has better performance in terms of convergence rate and the ability to escape from local optimums. Moreover, it is feasible and effective to apply the QGSO to the seismic optimal design of steel framework.
S. Talatahari, V. Goodarzimehr, S. Shojaee,
Volume 11, Issue 2 (5-2021)

In this work, a new hybrid Symbiotic Organisms Search (SOS) algorithm introduced to design and optimize spatial and planar structures under structural constraints. The SOS algorithm is inspired by the interactive behavior between organisms to propagate in nature. But one of the disadvantages of the SOS algorithm is that due to its vast search space and a large number of organisms, it may trap in a local optimum. To fix this problem Harmony search (HS) algorithm, which has a high exploration and high exploitation, is applied as a complement to the SOS algorithm. The weight of the structures' elements is the objective function which minimized under displacement and stress constraints using finite element analysis. To prove the high capabilities of the new algorithm several spatial and planar benchmark truss structures, designed and optimized and the results have been compared with those of other researchers. The results show that the new algorithm has performed better in both exploitation and exploration than other meta-heuristic and mathematics methods.

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