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A. Kaveh, V.r Kalatjari, M.h Talebpour , J. Torkamanzadeh,
Volume 3, Issue 1 (3-2013)

Different methods are available for simultaneous optimization of cross-section, topology and geometry of truss structures. Since the search space for this problem is very large, the probability of falling in local optimum is considerably high. On the other hand, different types of design variables (continuous and discrete) lead to some difficulties in the process of optimization. In this article, simultaneous optimization of cross-section, topology and geometry of truss structures is performed by utilizing the Multi Heuristic based Search Method (MHSM) that overcome the above mentioned problem and obtains good results. The presented method performs the optimization by dividing the searching space into five subsections in which an MHSM is employed. These subsections are named procedure islands. Some examples are then presented to scrutinize the method more carefully. Results show the capabilities of the present algorithm for optimal design of truss structures.
V. R. Kalatjari, M. H. Talebpour,
Volume 8, Issue 3 (10-2018)

In this article, by Partitioning of designing space, optimization speed is tried to be increased by GA. To this end, designing space search is done in two steps which are global search and local search. To achieve this goal, according to meshing in FEM, firstly, the list of sections is divided to specific subsets. Then, intermediate member of each subset, as representative of subset, is defined in a new list. Optimization process is started based on the new list of sections which includes subset’s representatives (global search). After some specific generations, range of optimum design is indicated for each designing variable. Afterwards, the list of sections is redefined relative to previous step’s result and based on subset of relevant variable. Finally, optimization will be continued based on the new list of sections for each designing variable to complete the generations (local search). In this regard, effect of dimension and number of subset’s members of global and local searches in proposal are investigated by optimization examples of skeletal structures. Results imply on optimization speed enhancement based on proposal in different cases proportional to simple and advanced cases of GA.

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