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Determination of Ultimate Pit Limits in Open Mines Using Real Option Approach (14153 Downloads)
Mining the Banking Customer Behavior Using Clustering and Association Rules Methods (13638 Downloads)
Six Sigma: literature review and implications for future research (10333 Downloads)
Hot Spot Stress Determination for a Tubular T-Joint under Combined Axial and Bending Loading (10234 Downloads)
Deployment of Interpretive Structural Modelling Methodology in Supply Chain Management –An overview (9807 Downloads)
A dynamic risk analysis on new product development process (9485 Downloads)
­­Image Segmentation using Gaussian Mixture Model (9411 Downloads)
A Mathematical Programming Model for Flow Shop Scheduling Problems for Considering Just in Time Production (9011 Downloads)
Customer Lifetime Value Models: A literature Survey (8544 Downloads)
An Improved WAGNER-WHITIN Algorithm (8474 Downloads)
RFID: A Bibliographical Literature Review with Future Research Directions (8289 Downloads)
Solving Flexible Job Shop Scheduling with Multi Objective Approach (7534 Downloads)
Mechanical Properties Characterization of Biax and Triax Composites Based on Limited Experimental Data (7054 Downloads)
Measuring and Predicting Customer Lifetime Value in Customer Loyalty Analysis: A Knowledge Management Perspective (A Case Study on an e-Retailer) (6889 Downloads)
Drill string Vibration Modeling Including Coupling Effects (5985 Downloads)
Estimation of Parameters of the Power-Law-Non-Homogenous Poisson Process in the Case of Exact Failures Data (5846 Downloads)
Geometry Definition and Contact Analysis of Spherical Involute Straight Bevel Gears (5826 Downloads)
Cutoff grades optimization with environmental management A case study: Sungun Copper Project (5673 Downloads)
A Fuzzy Approach For Multi-Objective Supplier Selection (5658 Downloads)
Particle Size Effects on Hydro-Cyclone Performance (5411 Downloads)
A System Dynamics Approach to Healthcare Cost Control (5406 Downloads)
Issues in Biodiesel Production: A Review and an Approach for Design of Manufacturing Plant with Cost and Capacity Perspective (5255 Downloads)
A Fuzzy TOPSIS Method Based on Left and Right Scores (5205 Downloads)
Physical Determination of Permeability Variation With Porosity For Composite Performs (5205 Downloads)
An Approach for Accident Forecasting Using Fuzzy Logic Rules: A Case Mining of Lift Truck Accident Forecasting in One of the Iranian Car Manufacturers (5204 Downloads)
A decision making model for outsourcing of manufacturing activities by ANP and DEMATEL under fuzzy environment (5118 Downloads)
Designing a Single Stage Acceptance Sampling Plan Based on the Control Threshold Poli (5074 Downloads)
Active Suspension System in Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles (5073 Downloads)
Thermal behavior analysis of the functionally graded Timoshenko's beam (5027 Downloads)
Improvement of simple and regenerative gas turbine using simple and ejector-absorption refrigeration (4967 Downloads)
Finding the Shortest Hamiltonian Path for Iranian Cities Using Hybrid Simulated Annealing and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms (4774 Downloads)
Solving the Paradox of Multiple IRR's in Engineering Economic Problems by Choosing an Optimal -cut (4723 Downloads)
Modeling of Heat Losses Within Combustion Chamber of Diesel Engines (4662 Downloads)
Introducing a Project Management Framework for Transfer of Technologies (4625 Downloads)
The Fracture Mechanics Concept of Creep and Creep/Fatigue Crack Growth in Life Assessment (4524 Downloads)
A fuzzy group decision making approach to construction project risk management (4437 Downloads)
Modeling Of Heat Transfer And Solidification Of Droplet/Substrate In Microcasting SDM Process (4396 Downloads)
GPS Time Reception Using Altera SOPC Builder and Nios II: Application in Train Positioning (4377 Downloads)
Experimental Study and Three-Dimensional Numerical Flow Simulation in a Centrifugal Pump when Handling Viscous Fluids (4374 Downloads)
A New Approach for Supplier Selection Process from the Features of Second Layer Suppliers Point of View (4351 Downloads)
Tabu-KM: A Hybrid Clustering Algorithm Based on Tabu Search Approach (4334 Downloads)
Using System Dynamics to Model Rod Bar Supply Chain in Iranian Market (4271 Downloads)
Multiperiod Portfolio Selection with Different Rates for Borrowing and Lending in Presence of Transaction Costs (4222 Downloads)
Modal analysis of a turbo-pump shaft: An innovative suspending method to improve the results (4204 Downloads)
A Complex Design of the Integrated Forward-Reverse Logistics Network under Uncertainty (4184 Downloads)
Supplier Selection and Evaluation by Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methodology (4168 Downloads)
Modeling of Capacity Reservation and Supplier Selection Based on Option Contract (4155 Downloads)
Formation Mechanism of Silicon Modified Aluminide Coating on a Ni-Base Superalloy (4143 Downloads)
A bi-level linear multi-objective decision making model with interval coefficients for supply chain coordination (4128 Downloads)
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