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Budi Suprapto, Paulus Dian Wicaksana, Mohd Fazli Mohd Sam ,
Volume 33, Issue 3 (9-2022)

Technological developments are very rapidly making changes in consumer behaviour where there is a transition from offline transactions to online in Yogyakarta. The purpose of this study is to evaluate and validate the influence of online trust and the factors that influence it is e-commerce knowledge, perceived reputation, perceived risk, perceived technology, prior purchase experience, to the intention of purchasing online. This study also examines the effect of perceived technology and prior purchase experience on online purchase intentions. Respondents in this study are about 260 respondents. Respondents must be domiciled in Yogyakarta and have conducted online transactions in the last 3 months. Analysis of data on research using Smart PLS 3.0. The test of measurement model that is convergent validity, discriminant validity, and internal consistency reliability is done to ensure the validity and reliability of the questionnaire and then tested the structural model to test the hypothesis, besides the fit model, predictive relevance and effect size of each latent variable. This study found that perceived risk is the most influencing factor of consumer confidence followed by prior purchase experience, perceived technology, and perceived reputation. The study also found that perceived technology and trusts influence online purchase intentions. While e-commerce knowledge has no effect on consumer trust and prior purchase experience has no effect on the intention of purchasing online.
Samira Baratian, Abdul Sattar Safaei, Fariba Goodarzian,
Volume 34, Issue 4 (12-2023)

Online group buying emerged as one of the most successful online business models. Online group buying refers to the online buying community's purchase of products and services significantly reduced from the regular retail price. According to previous studies, many factors can affect purchase intention on such a platform. This study developed a model that explains the factors influencing purchase intention in an online group buying website, it also proposed a model to study online group buying sustainability from the customer perspective. It considers the impact of sustainability dimensions, customer satisfaction, and website quality on customers' intention to buy. This study examines three dimensions of social, economic, and environmental factors on customers' intention to buy from online group buying websites for the first time. This study also addressed the related relationship between the sustainability dimensions in such a platform. The results show that each social, economic, and environmental dimension positively affects customer satisfaction. Moreover, the sustainability dimensions positively influence the purchase intention, while the environmental dimension has less impact, and the studied online group buying customers pay less attention to it, also, the satisfaction and quality of the website affect the purchase intention.

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