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Popadynets Nazariy, Bondarenko Viktoria, Dovba Ivanna, Fedurtsia Vasyl,
Volume 31, Issue 4 (11-2020)

The problems of efficient use of natural resources capacity in conditions of administrative and territorial reform affect the local level in the first place, in particular due to the fact that most communities do not have information about what resources they possess and how to use them properly for the development of Consolidated Territorial Communities (CTCs). The paper provides the calculations of integral index of CTCs’ natural resources capacity, which includes a certain group of sub-indices, namely the budget efficiency of the use of natural resources capacity; concentration of natural resources; provision of population with resources; rent payment. The analysis of the use of natural resources capacity to fill a CTC’s budget is conducted; concentration of natural resources at a CTC’s territory is determined; provision of a CTC’s population with natural resources is calculated; main aspects of rent payment that provides most revenues to local budgets are researched; the reserves of increase of communities’ natural resources capacity are revealed. The fact that community residents’ participation in control of the use of natural resources at their territory is essential for the community’s development is established.

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