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Oleh Kuzmin, Oksana Zhyhalo, Kateryna Doroshkevych,
Volume 31, Issue 4 (11-2020)

Innovative capacity as a potential ability of an enterprise to innovative development is manifested in the process of formation and realization of an innovative product, which can be embodied in various forms. In the article innovation capacity is considered as a complex concept that covers the innovative output of the enterprise and the reserve for providing innovative capacity, which can make the difference between the innovative capacity and the current state of the innovative output of the enterprise.
In order to improve the level of management processes in the enterprise, the article improves the method of evaluation the innovative capacity, which is based on the use of a three-dimensional space model of the dependence of the innovative capacity on the level of loading vectors of technique of the enterprise (X-axis), applied innovative technologies (Y-axis) and resources (Z-axis) using AHP-model (analytical-hierarchical process model) and certain functional dependencies that indicate the state of innovative capacity of the enterprise and allow to identify the reserve for providing innovative capacity.
The system of indicators designed to measure the enterprise's innovation capacity is developed on the basis of the AHP-model (analytical-hierarchical process model), which contains two levels: 1) partial indicators designed to assess the level of loading of vectors of the three-dimensional space model of the enterprise's innovation capacity; 2) generalized indicators by which the level of innovation capacity is determined. The article uses the relative weight of indicators, which is calculated by forming a matrix of judgments and evaluating the components of the vector of its priorities.

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